Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This Idea Alone Was Worth The Trip To Phoenix

We were in a little antique mall in the Phoenix area last September and I saw these wonderful little O rings with clips attached...they were hanging from a wire that was attached beneath a little shelf in someone's booth. Hanging from the clips were old photos/instant ancestors.

I loved the idea! I loved the clips. I wanted to know what they were and were they'd been all my life so I asked the man at the register if he would call the booth owner and ask for me! He did but she wasn't home. He promised to call me back on my cell if he heard from her. Well, he did and said that they were drapery hooks of all things!

So, off we went to hunt down an Anna's Linens where they'd been purchased. Found them and brought them back to IN, some for me, some for mom. We have since realized that they can be found at Target, Lowes and almost any Bath/Bedding type of store.

AND, then I saw the idea on the internet where a scrapbooker had taken drapery rods and hung her layouts from them with these little clips! Light bulb moment!

So, as you can see in these pictures, my mom has used them not only for the old photos she collects but also old greeting cards and handkerchiefs. Cool, huh?

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