Friday, January 4, 2008

New Years' Eve

Tim had to work New Year's Eve day but we headed over to Mom's house around 5:30 for supper. Stopped at Kroger "real quick" to get bread and there was not a fresh baked loaf to be found! Ended up with Kroger Garlic Breadsticks which I now highly recommend. The lines were unbelievable....everyone in New Albany was at the grocery picking up stuff for parties or the impending possibility of inclement weather. I finally snuck over to customer service to pay for my two little items!

Noticed that one of our New Year's light up tiaras from Target was not working but as we pulled into their parking lot to change it out, it came on. (Note: It continued to act up, however, the whole evening so Tim didn't always light up as planned)

Finally got to mom's after 6pm and my aunt and uncle had arrived and we were all hungry! Mom made a yummy new lasagna recipe, salad, my breadsticks, and then we had homemade hot fudge sundaes for dessert. My aunt and uncle left around 8 to get back home before it got too crazy on the roads and we stayed and hung out for awhile. While there, Tim worked on gluing a hall tree back together for mom after it took a tumble down the back stairs Sunday afternoon. While we were hanging out in the storage room we found some "liquid refreshments" which made for some funny kodak moments!

Only I could go bargain shopping on New Year's Eve but when I'd heard that all Christmas was 75% off at Walgreens how could I not stop on the way home? Tim was a sport and turned around to go back as I wistfully mentioned this as we drove on by.
Wrapping paper rolls were now 50 cents. Rest assured, we can now wrap gifts for at least the next 5 years.

We were planning to stop by a little party we'd been invited to but by then it was after 10 and we were getting tired! So, we wimped out and headed home! Took some more pictures and attempted to stay up till midnight, which we did and watched the new year roll in both on our clock and on tv. We kissed then promptly fell asleep.

So, with the passing of another whole year, we look towards a new year, our 9th year together and all the kodak moments and fun times it is sure to bring us!!

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