Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fellow Collectors Unite!

Yesterday we went to visit friends in KY and made a day of it. Went to lunch at a little restaurant that made cheeseburgers out of fresh ground beef (yum) and then hit a Traderbakers which we had heard was a pretty good one. We all found some goodies...Tim an almost professional quality VCR, light bulbs we use like crazy for 25 cents each (new in the pkg) and an old Kodak 3D movie camera still in the a variety of little things for scrapbooking of course, including some old game cardboard pieces, sewing notions and my favorite- an old recipe keeper binder with a box to keep it in (the booth owner was there and let me have it for $3 down from the original $8) some vcr movies, a book about tea parties and a cute little red rack!

Then on to our friends restored farmhouse. They have wonderful collections of KY and Southern IN beer advertising as well as vintage holiday items, other advertising items, bunnies, crazy quilts and garden items to name just a few! A whole restored outbuilding decked out like a saloon too! So fun to talk collecting and enjoy dinner with them! Oh, and they have 16 peacocks! Real ones! How fun is that? Tim and I got to see them in their barn although right now they are pretty much featherless.

A fun day and a much needed break for Tim who has been working a rather grueling but rewarding freelance job for the past several weeks!

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