Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Easy Breezy Layout

First let me give credit where credit is due! My friend Janie does awesome layouts and a couple of months ago I took pictures of at least 15 of them that I might want to scraplift sooner or later. Well, I finally got them developed and was putting them away last night and one in particular really caught my eye!

So, I thought, well why not scraplift this one right here, right now and see how it goes! So, I used TWENTY, yes, TWENTY pictures and 5 pieces of patterned paper, punched squares, corner rounded the edges, added some embellies, and voila! Done! The thing I am most thrilled with is that I used TWENTY pictures! Did I mention that? That is so exciting to someone who just got over 1000 developed after Christmas and New Years (going back to Oct)!

I hate having such a backlog of pictures and not always the best ones left at that and now I've found a way to make that backlog go down!

So, the theme was sort of a year in review with pictures representing highlights of 2006. Love it!

Tonight I'm going to tackle 2007 and use up 20 more pictures!

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