Thursday, January 24, 2008

So What Became of My Wood Infested Tire?

Well, I got up bright and earlier Tuesday morning (along with the snow) and was at Firestone at 8:15am buying a brand new tire 6 months after just buying four in July. When I got bored with my book, I wandered around the waiting area noticing the framed newpapers advertising Firestone tires, 4 for $99 back in the late 60s. I wanted one for that price but figured it was pointless to even ask.

They did give me a "deal", ha. I paid $99 for each tire in July and due to tire price increases they were now up to $109 per tire. The guy said they'd sell it to me at the $99 price. Wasn't that sweet of him? Wow, saved $10. That paid for half the repair job last Friday.

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