Friday, January 18, 2008

So, Didn't We Just Do This?

It's apparently "car be towed" month at our house! Tim had problems with the van this morning as he was leaving for work, so after loading all of his equipment into it for a freelance shoot this afternoon, he had to switch vehicles and take my car, unloading everything and reloading to mine!

Not too big of a deal as my plan for the day was to still work on undecorating trees! A quick run to the pharmacy to get Garden Kitty's magic medicine was on the agenda, however, but mom came to the rescue on that one!

So, Tim said although the battery light indicator was coming on and staying on, I could get it to start and drive it to the car repair place. So, I went to do just that and could hardly get the brakes to work! In fact, while in reverse with my foot on the brake the car was rolling backwards and I could hardly get it to stop! I pushed with all my might and it finally did! Weird! Tried one more time, same issue.

Back into the house I went to call AAA, for the second time this month! (Remember, Happy New Year!) This time, though, I had the shower out of the way! The same tow truck driver showed up and said it seemed to be a loose belt and that made the power steering and brakes not work!

Okay, so then Tim calls me from the parking lot at work and said he was there with my car which now had a completely flat tire! No way! Someone had a pump so they got enough air in it for him to get to a repair place a block away. They couldn't get to it all day though so he headed back home to Firestone where we normally go with tire issues. Meanwhile, I had called mom and had her return back to my house which she had just left after dropping of GK's medicine so Tim could take her car to the freelance job!

We headed up to Firestone to meet him and he had to unload all his equipment yet again, now into mom's car! We trotted off in 20 degree weather to eat lunch downtown and when we came back the tire was fixed and we had working wheels again!

Verdict on my car: Drywall screw (most likely picked up from the station where Tim works as they have been doing drywall work all week, hmmmm) Total Cost: $20

Verdict on his van: Alternator Support Bar snapped in two thereby causing the Serpentine Belt to come off which in turn caused the alternator, power steering, water pump, and brakes not to work right. They have to find one Monday and they think it will run somewhere around $40-50 and maybe 2 hours of labor. Total Estimated Cost: at least $160.00


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The Husband said...

"WAH" was right... Hmm... I may have to get that old Honda running again yet!