Saturday, January 26, 2008

Do You Have Dry Skin?

Do you have persistantly dry skin? Unsightly eczema? Have you made repeated trips to your dermatologist? Have you tried every hand lotion on the shelf and multiple prescription treatments?
Well, let me highly recommend this product to you! In just one day, my dry hands are 90% better. I can't say enough about this miracle product. I have tried everything and finally succumbed to first aid cream and Vaseline out of complete desperation to do something for my dry hands! So bad this winter that they were cracking and hurting terribly.
A visit to my internist yesterday prompted me to ask her opinion, informing her that nothing the dermatologist gave me works for any length of time, if at all. First, she informed me that she has the same condition on her hands and when I professed that I never USED to have it, she said I was getting older. (um, okay, thanks for mentioning that, I hadn't noticed!) BUT, she highly recommended Aquaphor and stated that it could be found at any pharmacy in the lotion aisle.
A trip to Wal Mart and I had it in my cart. As I was pulling it off the shelf, another customer noticed and praised it, showing me her hands and telling me more than I needed to know about her dry scalp. But, she raved about it and said the very next day after using it for the first time, she could tell a big difference.
For $14.97 I was willing to invest if this was the magic potion I'd been looking for all this time.
I couldn't help but apply it several times from about 5pm till 11pm yesterday and the difference in my hands today is unbelievable. Oh, and my feet too!
I'm sold.
Go, now, buy yourself some. I recommend it. (They also make it for baby's skin too!)

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