Monday, January 21, 2008

So Didn't We Just Do This, Again?

Okay, it really does come in three's but now we are up to four! AND we are getting our money's worth from our AAA Good Basic Member membership!

In the continuing saga of our weird, fluke car problems, here's what happened today...

Tim's van is still in the shop so he took my car to work again. This was fine as I didn't need to go anywhere today.

Mom had a sudden change of plans today so I decided to pursue a doctor's appt since no one would see me last week at my internist's. So, they could see me at a different doctor's today at 3:00pm since they weren't celebrating MLK Day. Mom came on over and I took her car to Georgetown, IN.

While still in the waiting room, Tim called from way across Louisville where he was doing another video shoot for this freelance project he's been working on. Guess what, my car has a flat again, same tire!!!!!!!!!!!


There was absolutely nothing I could do where I was and nothing mom could do who was now stranded at our house (never mind our used car lot....the Miata has a broken windshield, the Chevy Impala classic is tucked away in the garage for the winter, the Honda is begging to be hauled off and the husband keeps promising he is going to sell it, and can't drive his mom's car (not sure why exactly, but something about salt on the roads, being covered up for the winter and seeing if it will start. So, mom's basically stranded at our house as I have her car.

Told him he would have to call AAA and see about getting the tire fixed. At this point he wasn't sure if we just got a bad patch job or if it was another hole! (Turned out to be another hole, this time from a big chunk of wood...looking suspiciously like the wood they've been using at the station along with those drywall screws...)

So, AAA came and changed the tire and fortunately the spare was okay. He came back to town and ran by our car repair place (who are frantically trying to get the van fixed before they closed because I've now called them 2 times begging for it so I don't have to walk to work in the snow tomorrow or beg a ride from a neighbor) with the flat. They say they'll check it out and try to repair it tomorrow.

Tim comes home dead tired as now he's been going strong since 2:30am and has worked two jobs. I'm on my way home from Georgetown after 2 1/2 hours there!

Meanwhile the car repair place has called and informed Tim that we'll need a new tire, as this hole is too big to repair. Nice. This is my new tire that I just bought along with the other three for $99 each in July.

I see no Road Hazard anything on the receipt so chances are tomorrow when I get up early and take it back to Firestone before work, I'll just be getting a new tire for another $99.

So, do I bill the tv station or the husband?


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