Sunday, August 22, 2010

KY State Fair

Yes folks, it's that time again! This year I once again entered layouts for the Scrapbooking section and won a First Place for Junior's Christmas layout and a Second Place for my Birthday layout! I also received an Honorable Mention for the Travel layout and the Misc layout. The only one that didn't get a ribbon was the Family layout. I never did have time to make a special layout for the entry so I entered a layout I had done awhile back of my 60s dad! Fun but nothing super fancy!

Mom and I both entered quite a few things in the Antiques section again this year. Mom took home a First Place for her antique coverlet with the hand painted silk as well as an Honorable Mention for her group photo!

My children's mittens, still in the original box, received a Third Place ribbon and I was given an Honorable Mention for the Wash Up Kit in the Misc category and the Dennison Doll set in the Toy category!!

So, this is the "toot your own horn" post and I'll try to get some other State Fair pictures up soon!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Loot From the 127

Lots of Children's Playing Cards and Flash Cards

Vintage Cupcake Picks

Fun Old Signs

Vintage Valentines

Lots of Vintage Shoes

Cat not purchased on 127 sale but decided he needed to take a quick nap when I was laying out the loot!

Lots of Vintage Game Pieces

Tons of Books as Usual

My small little pile of keepers!!

Huge Santa! The vendor practically paid us to take it away!

Everything here is for my etsy shop except the one little picture of goodies as designated!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The 127 Yard Sale 2010

Note: If you hover the mouse under each picture (after you x out of that super poke advertisement) you can see my witty captions!

Last Thursday Tim and I embarked on Year 3 of the 127 Yard Corridor Sale aka The 600 Mile Yard Sale (see here for last year's blog post). We got up early and managed to get out of the house by 7:45 am. A quick stop at Hardees for breakfast and then back on the road. We headed to Frankfort, KY and picked up 127 there. We stopped almost immediately at a little set up but found nothing. However, at the second stop I scored a Hangman game and an over sized pair of green plastic Hollywood sunglasses...everyone's wearing them, it said so on the box! At least in 1964 they were wearing them!

We soon found one of our favorite fields o' vendors and managed to see most everything before the dark clouds rolled in. We got to the car just as the rain hit. Heading down the road we stopped at another familiar stop and waited it out for a few minutes before just grabbing the umbrellas and starting to wander. The rain passed quickly, fortunately, and the rest of the day was clear. The weather was tolerable, there was even a slight breeze which was very much appreciated considering the high temps we've had here lately.

We had a pretty yummy lunch for a change...fresh grilled burgers, hand pattied not frozen. That blew the diet but I was expecting it. As the day progressed we found lots of our favorite set ups and some treasures among the junk! By evening, we were pretty tired, hot and sweaty and I was, of course, starving! We hit a Mexican restaurant outside of Danville that we ate at last year and enjoyed and then headed to the hotel. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies were waiting for us at check in and the bed was super comfortable. We basically slept like logs.

Have to give out big kudos to the Hampton Inn for serving up a delicious complimentary breakfast the next morning! Yummo! We headed back to the fairgrounds outside of Danville since I was too tired to go the night before. I immediately found a great lot of vintage shoes, just what I was looking for! We forgot to bring along the extra car key but Tim was a trooper and met me there or met up with me and lugged my stuff to the car whenever I called him. I got a little overheated after spending at least a half an hour bent over a box of vintage cake decorations with the blazing sun beating down on my neck. Proof positive though that SPF 90 really works! Hurray! Anyway, we both were hot and tired and decided to hit the Peddler's Mall and Goodwill in Danville. I forgot to take pix of both! Bad me! It was nice to be in the "air condition" as it's now called and cool off!

We made a quick stop at Giovanni's for lunch and then braved the confusing directions to the Salvation Army Thrift store. Glad we did! They were having a back to school sale and we got some great games at great prices! I wish I had taken our shopping cart full of the boxes before we dumped out the pieces into little ziplocs and threw the rest away!

Next we headed down to Junction City which would be the farthest South we would venture this year. The set up there was much better than last year. I did buy "The World's Filthiest Scrabble Game" and I have the best mother for cleaning it up for me over the past weekend!

Somehow the day got away from us and we didn't get to stop too many more places on the trip North. We did hit The Flea Mall (more air condition) and a Goodwill in Harrodsburg. One last stop at a big set up and it was homeward bound for us. We hit bad traffic outside of Simpsonville where they are doing construction on the interstate which delayed us in getting home. We finally rolled in about 10:00 pm. Tim was in super husband mode and unloaded the entire car before calling it a night. We crashed hard and waited until morning to go through our treasures!

Loot pictures coming soon!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coming Soon!

As soon as I have a moment to catch up on my blog, I'll provide details and stunning photos from the 127 Yard Sale! Tim and I went Thursday and Friday, taking two days to go just over 50 miles! HA!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Late Breaking CA Pictures

My friend Chrys just sent me these! She and her hubby have been working on them! Okay, so I'm not quite as glamorous as Marilyn least this one was a female, right Tim?!!!