Sunday, August 31, 2008

Potty People!

I found these rubber stamps at Hobby Lobby last week. At half price, I couldn't pass them up. I am all about potty people right now. I'm sure I'll use them at least once! Ha!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Kroger Nightmare and Yet Another Flea Market

So, we set off for the Stewart's Flea Market yesterday and stopped by Kroger on the way so that Tim could redeem his free drink coupon at Starbucks. (I had loaded a gift card for his birthday because of this promotion...however, the only drink he gets there is hot apple cider and the coupon for the free one expires 8/31! It's not exactly hot apple cider season but nonetheless he was gonna give it a valiant try.) So, the first problem was that they wouldn't accept the coupon. It can only be used at a corporate store. So that means a trip to downtown Louisville. While he was dealing with all that I trotted off to get a piece of baked chicken for lunch. I thought that would be more digestible than a big beef dog at the fairgrounds.

So, it went something like this: No chicken because the steamer case was broken. So I asked if they could make a sandwich. Well, yes they could but one employee was already having a breakdown because she was making a big roast beef sub for another customer and she had no training to do so. (Now, the obvious question here is "how hard is it make a sandwich?") So, another employee says she'll make mine. Ham, cheese, mayo. That's all I need to be happy. They don't have any sharp cheddar. No Hoffman's Super Sharp, no Sharp of any kind. So, off we go to the deli counter. No Sharp except Boar's Head and they can't use Boar's Head ($$$). I said I'd pay extra. Back to make the sandwich. Then we have to choose chips. Too many choices. No Baked Lays Potato Chips. End up with Baked Doritos which now I do not recommend. Edible but not great. Got sandwich and then we have to pay for sandwich! It turned out to be a better deal to get the combo with a drink and two cookies for just 15 cents extra, which the girl had originally offered me but I had water in the car and didn't need a drink. But, for 15 cents, I couldn't pass that up! So, they had to void the sale. Then start over. Then they forgot to charge me tax. But they let that go. So, forever later, we finally left Kroger, Tim drank the Diet Coke instead of the Hot Apple Cider and I ate my tasteless sandwich and chips in the car! But the good news was that it didn't tear up my stomach. Should that have been so hard though?

So then off to the flea which turned out to be much larger than I had anticipated so we spent the rest of the day there! Found some great things for my etsy shop and visited with a few of our dealer friends. Went out for yummy mexican dinner last night and hit the Goodwill (only had to pay $2 as I had a full punch card!). More goodies there including Tim finding fog juice for his fog machine for Halloween!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Scrapbook Layout

Managed to sit down and scrapbook the other night, mainly to spend some much appreciated time with Garden Kitty! She's stuck upstairs while Junior stays downstairs till next Tues or Wed! Had to wait for a vaccination to kick in that she got! Another Christmas layout done!

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Gig!

Guest Reporters on Location
August 21, 2008
Welcome Elizabeth Young - Vintage Indie's newest reporter
Vintage Indie is excited to welcome Elizabeth Young to the vintage indie family. She'll be joining us a couple of times a month when she goes " on the road again". Bringing you the inside scoop on small businesses and more. I hope you will help me in sending her a warm welcome in the next coming weeks. If you haven't got a chance to check out her previous two features including her home tour as well as her 127 Yard Sale trip then you need head over to those for a special treat.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Only Makes Sense to Junior

While he has been good about sharpening his claws on it, he also seems to think it's a cat bed.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Meet Junior!!!

He's the newest addition to our family! What a sweetie! He hasn't met his sister yet but will soon!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Book Sale!

Went to the most wonderful book sale Saturday at Locust Grove! I was SO excited when I discovered the vintage children's books GALORE that I was literally shaking! I called mom and my aunt and they came over too. Mom found some wonderful cookbooks. Other sections had some delightful goodies too and I came home with a trunk full! Gasp! I picked up a handful for gifts and the rest are for my etsy shop! Sunday was bag sale and we couldn't stay away so off we went and two hours later I came home with another batch! Spent most of the weekend organizing these and getting them on shelves in my newly created etsy storage room! (thanks Tim!)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We Won!

Mom and I decided to enter some items in the Antiques section this year! Long story short, none of my entries won, however, mom won First Premium for an article of Clothing and Third Premium for a Military celluloid! She was so excited!

I did, however, win Second Premium in the Hobbies/Scrapbooking section! I won Second Premium for a Holiday Layout and for a Vacation Layout! I also received an Honorable Mention for a Birthday Layout! My family layout didn't win! Mom entered family and holiday but didn't receive any awards. It was fun to see our layouts there! Both winning layouts were done with kits from Scrapbook Lovers Dream!

Kentucky State Fair

The fair is in town and we spent almost the whole day there Friday. The weather was picture perfect, in the 80s and no humidity! And it's August! We were inside a good part of the time, however, enjoying the many exhibits and farm animals. Met my mom and aunt there in the morning to check out our entries and see if we'd won anything! We did! The next post will have those pictures!

Okay, I want my old gallbladder back (the one that worked for 36 years...not the one that was disfunctional for 8 plus months). I have had two awful days with majorly upset stomachs and yesterday's fair food was just as bad. And I always look forward to my cheesesteak and graters taters! We went prepared with a bottle of Pepto and I downed it a couple of times and was still miserable but it took the severe pain away! Ugh.

Anyway, loved the photography section as usual and enjoyed the antiques, quilts, christmas trees and culinary sections. Got to experience my first rooster crowing contest although plenty of them were practicing ahead of time. We would have stayed longer as we never even made it to the thrillway for me to beat Tim at the water gun game like I always do but we were so tired and I was still feeling queasy. All in all, it was a great fair!