Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recent Finds!

A couple of weeks ago, gosh maybe three by now, mom and I went on the Hwy 50 Yard Sale again. It's not too far away as we pick it up in Seymour, IN about an hour north of here. The weather was perfect and we had a great time! Mom did a lot of sitting and waiting in the car but she was good company and found a few things for her collections too! I found some great stuff for my etsy shopas well as a few keepers here and there.

In addition, the monthly flea market at the Louisville fairgrounds was Memorial Day weekend and while it's not all that great, I do like to go to buy from one dealer in particular! One booth had a TON of brand new scrapbooking stickers from companies such as K & Co and other well known ones so I spent a lot of time digging through those boxes with all of the other obsessed scrapbookers! So, a lot of this loot is from my recent jaunts and hunting with more pictures to come soon! Sorry the one picture is out of focus!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hit and Run

Yet another car accident right out in front of our house tonight. Again. This time not only did the bad guy run a stop sign and plow into this poor lady's car, he also kept right on going! She seemed okay, said her arm was a little sore, but her car had to be towed away. And she's leaving for vacation tomorrow. Two or three police cars were perusing the streets looking for the car that got away. Hope they find him!