Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coming Soon!

Hi! I'm back! We went to Ohio for Tim's class reunion on September 11th and then we passed through for less than a week before leaving to go to New Mexico for our anniversary trip (9 years on Sept. 22nd)! Before, during and after our Ohio trip, I was sick and it took 3 tries of different antibiotics to get that under control before we left for NM! I felt majorly miserable and kept trying to drag myself around, go on trips, pack, unpack, do laundry, go to work and pack up zillions of etsy sales! Finally, I realized it was more than just allergies and went to the doctor and got started on the antibiotics!

Anyway, am working on a slide show with pictures from our trip to NM and hope to post that soon! So stay tuned!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Book Sale and the Loot!

Last week was one of my favorite book sales in the area! Mom and I trotted over early and there was still already a line when we got there at 9:20! I hit the mother load of children's Wonder books! A few other goodies, including lots of books on birds and some great Christmas books and Christmas carol books!