Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Free Help

These furry guys are always so willing to help me with my etsy listings! Yet, they aren't really all that helpful!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Antique Advertising Convention

I've way behind on blogging! It's hard to believe the Antique Advertising Association of America's convention was already almost two weeks ago! We had so much fun! Mom and I attended the ice cream social Thursday night after I got off work and then we went room hopping where all the dealers set up items for sale. We saw lots of familar faces from the Indy ad show and visited and shopped till almost 11pm!

We got up bright and early Friday morning to attend Bette's seminar on the Cosmetic and Beauty industry. It was wonderful! She's just the best and we are going to finally get to see her personal collection when we jaunt up to her home in Cincy in early August! After the seminar, we had lunch and the silent auction, which was really fun! More room hopping and my friend Janie came at 2pm when it opened to the public. She was thrilled to find some Monarch, Quaker Oats and Girl Scout related items for her collections! More room hopping and then dinner with friends and then we came home and collapsed! Poor Tim was chained to his editing room during all this working on the new Fontaine Ferry DVD so he didn't get to attend any of the convention events!

Of course, a few goodies came home with me for our collections!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Antique Advertising Association of America House Tour

After weeks of preparation, the big day finally came! (I'm a little behind on my blogging btw!) So, last Wednesday we opened our home and collections to members of the AAAA who were in Louisville for their annual convention! We went to it 2 years ago and we know many of the dealers from the Indy Ad Show that we go to twice a year.

We had three time slots that the people could come starting at 3pm, then 4pm and 5pm. My friend Janie offered to come help us and she was wonderful! Mom did the catering (ha ha, revisiting her catering career from years ago) and everyone loved her food! Tim and I visited with all the people and everything went smoothly! We had some rain early that morning but it had passed through by the time the tours started.

We were all so tired when it was over though! Of course, the last people left around 6 or so but then we had the clean up and the putting things back together, pulling things back out of closets, turning lights off, etc so it was 7:30 before most of that was done and we could sit down, relax and eat!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Tim!

Mom and I took Tim to a belated birthday dinner at Don Pablos Saturday night. Then we enjoyed birthday cake and presents back at home!

The cake had a few problems over the course of the day, starting with the wrong color icing trim and having to be remade at Wal Mart. I was so annoyed as this is at least the fourth cake I've gotten from them that has turned out wrong! End result- icing redone and $1 paid.

Then I got home and forgot it was in the bag which I carried in by the handles. It slipped around apparently and the icing hadn't set since it had been redone. So, one side and one rose was a little messed up! Oh well, it tasted the same and Tim was still appreciative!

I Came Home To Flowers

Yesterday Tim searched high and low for my favorite flowers- peppermint carnations. There must have been a run on them as they were nowhere to be found. :[

So, he issued a raincheck.

And when I came home tonight, I discovered a huge vase of the most beautiful peppermint carnations and baby's breath sitting on the table! Complete with a funny card and 4 tickets for Holiday World courtesy of Fox 41! (We won the drawing!)

I have the best husband!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy First Date Anniversary to Us

Ten years ago today, Tim and I went on our first date to a movie. Exactly 3 days after our first meeting/dinner/handshake. Exactly 2 months and 5 days since we first met.

We met for dinner July 17, 1999. I knew at the end of dinner I was going to marry this guy someday. We fell in love exactly 3 days later at the movie. Then we spent the next 2 years getting to know each other. We married on September 22, 2001.

Today is our 10th anniversary of that movie date!

This is what I found on the table when I came downstairs this morning.

And this is exactly why I fell in love with this guy. He makes me laught ALL OF THE TIME! And, he remembers important dates like this!

Note: He intentionally spelled anniversary incorrectly. We call it anniversarary so it makes sense to us but probably not to you!

I Won I Won!

How exciting! I've been behind on my blogging due to the Antique Advertising Convention last week and I just discovered I had won an incredible giveaway from Vintage Bella Studio!!! Pictured is just one of the lovely items she offered in her giveaway!

Her blog is just amazining as are her talents! Be sure to check it out!

Thank you Andrea!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Instead of Dusting and Cleaning

Next Wednesday I have approximately 47 people coming to our home to see our collections. I started preparing for this a few weeks ago but unfortunately, much of the dusting and cleaning has to be done closer to the time. In an old house, it just comes back!

So in order to avoid this as much as possible, I have been out and about finding some great stuff for my etsy shop! For example, yesterday I awoke at 7am and decided if we threw on some clothes, makeup and pulled hair up in a clip, mom and I could make it to the estate sale across town that started at 8am. We got there right after it opened and the first ONE HUNDRED people had gone in! There were so many people, a long checkout line and some good stuff to be had! I totally forgot to take a picture at the sale even though I had my camera! Note: I did get a picture of a sunflower since I like them!

After leaving there an hour and a half later, we hit another estate sale that started the day before. So, while there wasn't much good stuff left, they were willing to deal and I got a whole box of stuff for $4. Important stuff, like ziploc bags, craft supplies, etc! The neighborhood this house was in happened to be having a neighborhood wide yard sale so we hit quite a few of them!

I got a picture of a guy buying the world's ugliest lamp which is sure to be a winner at Lynn's Ugly Lamp Contest at the KY State Fair in August! I mentioned that to him and he said that's exactly what he was buying it for! For $5 (a savings of $15 off the originally marked price), he walked away a happy camper with one ugly lamp in hand!

Then mom and I had a delicious lunch at The Cheddar Box in St. Matthews and stopped by A Reader's Corner bookstore where they were having an outdoor yard sale (by the time we arrived it was $5 a bag, I walked away with one overstuffed bag and two that didn't fit but he let me have anyway- no one except me wants old medical books anyway!). Inside, all books were 35% off and mom found some cookbooks.

So, we finally arrived home at 5pm with a car load and a mess in my foyer! Most of it's been put away and now it's definitely back to dusting and cleaning.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Vintage Fourth of July

I have just a few vintage Fourth of July items in my holiday collection. I really got into the old boxes of sparklers for awhile! An old red white and blue telephone with the cord (ha ha), American Ball Blue bluing, True American Hand Lotion, an old paint box tin with Uncle Sam and friends, my folk art Uncle Sam from the shop days, and my most recent acquisition- the Dennison flag seals still in their original package! My favorite item has to be the set of paper dolls featuring a child-like Uncle Sam and not one piece has been cut from the book! A permanent patriotic/military display stays up year 'round in our library. The celluloid photo of the man is Tim's dad! Happy Fourth!