Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So I Moved the Old Postal Scale

And gained a cat. Junior thinks that this new found space is just perfect for him!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hwy 55 Loot!

*Includes loot found at antique malls along the way too!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hwy 55 Yard Sale

Yesterday, mom and I set out for the Second Annual Hwy 55 Yard Sale. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and temps to approach 85. We got up super early and actually got down there at a very decent time which made a huge difference! All in all it was still a very small multi-mile yard sale but it's such an easy day trip and we were quite happy with our finds!

Let's see, what all did we get? I scored a giant old jewelry box for mom to display costume jewelry in for ONE DOLLAR! What a steal! At the same sale I found a neato set of children's playing cards with cute animals! Mom found some almost new books, we got a stack of free magazines, more tie clasps for my uncle's growing collection, some cookbooks for mom to peruse through, an old Uncle Wiggly game for my game board collection that's yet to be unveiled, a handful of old children's books, two fabulous boxes of vintage Christmas ornaments, a Coca Cola Santa ornament for my Coke tree, some old game pieces and more!

We had breakfast at the Finchville auditorium again. Drove all the way to Bloomfield which was disappointing. The producer of the CSI shows and his wife have bought a great deal of land and property in that town and she owns an antique shop there. It was high end and not our cup of tea. Not many set ups down that far at all although the sale advertises that it goes all the way to Adair Co.

We stopped in Taylorsville, KY at a couple of antique shops and I found some great old children's decals at one mall that I picked up for my etsy shop! And what would a jaunt like this be without a set of encyclopedias? Scored them at that antique shop! $5 for a beautiful set of old Compton's. Chop, chop, chop....

Back in Shelbyville, we hit The Ruby Rooster antique mall formerly known as the Main St. Antique Mall. It's one of our favorites. The owners are lovely and we always find a few goodies there. This time, I found two old aqua refrigerator drawers (I've developed a fondness for these things!), a great roll of vintage kitchen wallpaper (FINALLY!), a couple of old school readers, Scotty dog playing cards...mostly all for my etsy shop! I'm sure there's more but it's hard to remember already!

Oh, another great set of The Book of Knowledge found its way into my car too while in Shelbyville...

We ended the day at the Claudia Sanders Restaurant and had a scrumptious dinner!

Pictures of the loot laid out to come soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

And The Loot!

Please excuse the pictures with the sunlight hitting them, it was that time of day! Also, my cat decided once again that she simply must "help" me! So, picture with and without kitty.

The little Flight Service Playset from the 1972, I actually scored the other day for less than $3! I'm keeping that for my collection and it is mint! All the little items are still in the plastic bags! Everything I need to be a stewardess including lipstick which is very important if you know me! TWA advertises on the set.

Some of these books were from a recent book sale I went to and some yard sales, etc!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bardstown Day Trip

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day! We had planned our annual trek to Bardstown, KY to go to the antique show at the high school. We stopped at Hardees in Jeffersonville and munched on ham and sausage biscuits and then hit the road. Stopped at three yard sales on the way and then hit the antique show! It was nice as usual and we found a few goodies!

I found some fun stuff for my etsy shop and the all time find was Katie the Carrot (one of Mr. Potato Head's friends) that I had been looking for! I needed this exact version for one empty spot I had next to the two others in the series! Woo Hoo! Found it!

I also got a sweet little box of crayons for my collection, an Annalee character from 1991 (25 cents at the Relay for Life yard sale) and 5 Christmas stockings filled with goodies, never having been opened! I really want to keep all five but one or two may end up in my etsy shop next Christmas! Children's books of course, a fantastic Montgomery Ward catalog from 1923 in incredible condition and a little gift for Tim.

After we left the show, we headed downtown and ate lunch at the drug store soda fountain! They had Easter merchandise half price and mom treated me to a few little foil wrapped bunnies for my Easter tree! They are adorable! We walked around downtown a bit, hit a couple of antique stores and the Peddler's Mart and finished the day up with ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

All in all, a fabulous day with the Three Musketeers!

Half Price Easter Candy

Love me some Russell Stover chocolate covered marshmallow candy Easter eggs!

Since we will be experiencing a holiday dry spell until Halloween season, I was at Walgreens door at 8am Monday morning to stock up on these at 50% off! Can't beat that!

Well, the Peeps I got for Tim a couple of days later for 10 cents a box does beat that but I don't like Peeps!

I'll just stick to my eggs!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Bunny Got Forgotten

Ooops! Somehow the picture of my paper mache light up bunny didn't make it up in the last post! So, here he is and two more egg dye boxes I had forgotten!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail

I love vintage Easter stuff, can you tell? I especially have a fondness/weakness for vintage egg dye packages! It's hard anymore to find a pack or a box I don't already have! I also love the vintage plastic candy containers, cardboard candy boxes, advertising signs, wrapping paper, stuffed bunnies and even unique bunny related items, like the crayons, board game and safety pins!

A large part of my collection is housed in a beautiful old wooden bookcase that came out of the original Madison, IN library. It stands in our front foyer so I see it every single day! I have another small glass case that holds overflow and then other items are mixed all around! The large pink paper mache rabbit holding the purple Easter egg was purchased on our honeymoon and his eyes light up!

Well, that's all folks! Happy Easter!