Monday, August 31, 2009

More From the KY State Fair

Finally, more State Fair pictures! We always enjoy the exhibits at the fair. Can't miss the animals or the food booths either!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Finds From the 600 Mile Yard Sale Part 2

These are the "keeper" items for my personal collections! Of course a lot of those old store stock goodies came from the fabulous Rare Bird Antique Mall in Goodlettsville, TN! More souvenir ash trays for that growing collection, I couldn't resist the adorable cover of the children's oversized coloring book and I already had the can of Christmas snow so of course I had to get the stencil set that has a miniature picture of the same snow can on it, right? Yay! Fun new stuff!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

State Fair Ribbons!

I won! More in the Antiques section this year than Scrapbooking which was a switch from last year! How fun though! Tim and I went to the fair yesterday afternoon although mom had gone in the morning and clued me in a bit. But she held out on me on the Second Premium that my box of Christmas snow got! Vintage earrings got a Third Premium, my tin sand toy with it's original box and the picnic package received Honorable Mentions. The Birthday layout I did specifically for entry in the fair received a Third Premium! I had done the family layout for the fair too but the Christmas and Vacation layout just got pulled out of albums and they weren't what I had planned to enter. I had planned to do layouts but ran out of time. I only had a year right?!

Anyway, mom's group photo received an Honorable Mention. We were a little surprised that her victorian blouse didn't receive any recognition but the judging is a little hard to figure out!

More general fair pictures to come soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009

State Fair Entries

Last Sunday, Mom and I took our entries over to the fairgrounds for the upcoming KY State Fair. We entered items in the antiques section and scrapbooking. Unfortunately, time got away from me and I only got to do two layouts specifically for entry...the other two I just had to pull out of old albums! Oh well, it's still fun just to enter and to see all the other entries in the fair! Looking forward to going today with Tim and enjoying all of the exhibits, entries, animals, shows and food!

Finds from the 600 Mile Yard Sale Part 1

I'm so behind on blogging!

Anyway, here are some pix of my finds along the 127! From the looks of it, I guess it wasn't that bad after all huh? More pix to come! Most all of these things are for my etsy shop!