Monday, March 31, 2008

Let's Play Mini Golf

I was hunting for some pictures for the SLD April kit last night and thought I'd share this one. Circa May 1978, Newport News, VA at the Putt Putt Miniature Golf Course. It was quite the hot spot for birthday parties and the pretty little blonde in the yellow dress and blue tennis shoes is the birthday girl of honor that go 'round! My friend Courtney turning 7! Don't you just dig my rainbow shoes AND rainbow pantsuit? Could it have coordinated any better for the late 70s? I LOVED those shoes, in fact I think we still have them tucked away in a box of my old clothes at mom's....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pretty Ribbons and Trims

This is a box of treasures I found at the Indy flea market that we went to after the Antique Advertising Show a couple of weeks ago! The lady selling them was so nice and said they came from a lady's estate who had died in the 1970s and her brother left her apartment untouched for all these years. I took them all off the paper rolls this morning but I wanted to take a picture first of how they looked when I bought them! I can't wait to put them in a big glass jar!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail Driving Down The Bunny Trail

Mom said she was tired of seeing me in the same clothes every time she saw me! Which is true....jeans, sweatsuits, black shirts, black sweaters, black and more black! So, I departed from the norm, completely, and dug out this skirt I never had anything to wear with and it worked with the new blazer I got the other day so there I was, no black to be seen, brown, yes, no pants and looking sort of Elsie-like as we left for mom's house for dinner at 1:00. Yummy! Lots of good food with everyone kicking in and bringing something. My aunt and uncle came down and brought the ham along with Tim's favorite baked beans and mom's favorite deviled eggs. I made my Macaroni and Cheese casserole and mom did the rest. I worked up the centerpiece with the new petal cake I found yesterday at a thrift store ($1!!!!!) and added my vintage Easter car/bunnies that Tim picked out from my collection, some candy eggs, and easter grass and plastic eggs around the base of the cake stand to finish it off. Fun! Everyone got a chocolate bunny on their napkin and an egg with Cadbury's chocolate eggs inside (my favorite!). My aunt brought me an entire roll of yummy vintage easter wrapping paper! Love it!

Tim and I each had a little gift for one another so we opened them when we arrived back home....GK got him some Peeps and I gave him a giant Bunny Pez dispenser...figured he could eat the Pez and we'll display the dispenser with our Easter and candy collections! He gave me a box of Vintage Happy Bunny easter egg colors and a package of vintage egg decorations! How fun is that?!

Now all I have to do is score a box of my Russell Stover chocolate covered marshmallow eggs tomorrow half price at Walgreens and I will be a happy camper!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Look Who Came A Day Early

I was at the computer this morning and Tim came running in from outside and said "The Easter Bunny has been here, the Easter Bunny has been here!" He was all excited just like a little kid and wanted me to go look RIGHT THEN! I kept trying to guess what the heck he was talking about....was there a bunny on our porch? A cat? Boxes delivered by the postman from recent Ebay purchases?

Anyway, he wouldn't say until I got outside and he proudly pointed to the pile of colorful plastic Easter eggs in our front yard! I went down to have a closer look and they were filled with candy no less! Looking around at my neighbors', I noticed little colorful mounds in their yards too!

So, either the little furry guy with the cotton tail showed up a day early or had some help from one of our neighbors....this is when you gotta love where you live!

Gosh, A Week Goes By So Fast!

Here it is Saturday already and I've been a slacker on my blog updating! Here are some thrift and antique store finds from during the week! One of my favorite treasures was the bag of white plastic letters and numbers I found! Love them! I've already put them in a jar in my scrapbook room. Not sure that I could ever part with them. Mom and I went antiquing and junking on Friday, it was SO beautiful out we just kept going! It really seemed like a warm spring day as the afternoon progressed. So nice to be out. We found a few treasures, had a wonderful lunch at The Butterfly Garden on Bardstown Rd., went to Derby City Antique Mall, a nice little antique shop off Bardstown Rd. that we didn't even know was there but were told about at lunch and a handful of thrift stores.

I had a million errands to run today and over the course of 7 hours (how is it that time goes so fast?) I got most of them done including grocery shopping at Wal Mart along with the other 500 people on the day before Easter! However, I did manage to squeeze in a stop at a favorite thrift store where I just always find good stuff as well as one I'd never been to before and had always meant to check out!! I got some jars for my scrapbook room and one with a cute star imprinted lid for hard candy in the kitchen, some rolls of lace, a hand pieced quilt top with roses all over it, all those flowers/blossoms for $1 (what a deal, all that for $1!!), half alphabet blocks from a game and my very favorite find...the flower petal cake!!! It was such a treasure and we are going to use it as part of the centerpiece for dinner at Mom's tomorrow!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Antique Advertising Show

Well, it was that time of year again for the Spring Antique Ad show in Indy this past weekend. We got up bright and early, 6am, ugh, picked mom up and headed North. We arrived about 10:30 as we stopped a couple of times on the way up including a stop at the Russell Stover Outlet in Seymour so I could pick up a couple of boxes of my very favorite candies (a whole box devoted to Molasses Chews) to stick in the freezer. Yummy!

Right off the bat I had a bit of a crisis...went to the restroom when we arrived and on the way out discovered my cell phone had fallen out of its holder as the velcro doesn't work anymore! Tracked mom down so I could call Tim who was parking as I thought it was probably on the car seat. Got him just as he walked up to the booth next to us but he willingly trooped back out to the car to check and he did find it! Then I heard an announcement about a digital camera that had been turned in AND a black tote bag that had all been found in the West restroom...hmmm...I thought, I had a digital camera and a black tote bag which I didn't seem to have on me anymore! Dashed over to the check in and claimed my stuff which a very nice person had turned in! Thank you!

The show was great and we visited with our friends the Shermans and the Browns as well as a few other dealers that we have gotten to know over the years. Found a few treasures to put away for Tim for Birthday or Christmas and mom and Tim both found some goodies to put away for me! YAY!

The Stewart's Flea Market was going on at the fairgrounds also so we left the ad show about 3:30 and headed to the flea. It was great too! Found quite a few treasures and lots of great bargains, I mean great! So worth going over there!

We stopped at Carabba's in Southport and waited about 20 minutes as opposed to an hour and grabbed three seats at the bar when they came available. Dinner was delicious and ended up being free! Thanks to the waitress that ran into Tim's chair and dumped a pitcher of water on his arm....Tim was a good sport and we thanked HIM too for his part in the bargain! Ha!

Took mom home and finally arrived back at our house about 10:30! So tired and weary but I really held up pretty well and it was a great day!

Monday, March 10, 2008

More Thrift Store Finds!

After being cooped up all weekend, I couldn't wait to get out and about today! I had to go get Garden Kitty's medicine anyway so I hit a couple of my favorite thrift stores while out. It was 25% off everything day at one of them which is always a bonus! As you can see, I found a ton of stuff! Probably none of which I really needed but so hard to pass up!

We will never have to buy labels to label anything ever again! Out of the 5000 that were originally in that box, I'd say there are at least 4000 left and for $2.85 how could I let that one go? Found some vintage ric rack, lovely wide black rick rack, beautiful craft leaves I dissected off two picks, a roll of older wallpaper (not the really good vintage stuff, but pretty and older nonetheless), numbered divider cards, a german/english dictionary, some other vintage books, 3 red dymo label tapes from the 80s, crepe paper galore-not sure what I'll do with it yet but it's intriguing to me for crafts, several old games with neat game pieces (not all pictured), an old sewing pattern from the 60s, neat plastic magnet letters/numbers for crafting...dirt cheap, 4 rubber stamps (one was never used with the Ben Franklin price of over $9 on it still, another date roller stamp for scrapbooking, never used mint in package), three rubber stamp inks, three old flower pins, 4 old needle paper holders with needles, some brand new greeting cards for 39 cents each and best bargain of all...5 ribbon yarns with the original price of almost $6 each on them so that's like $30 worth for the $3 thrift store price! Less than $1 each! I found a great book to put away for Tim; his gift box is getting heavy with all these books I keep finding!

So, a good thrifting day! Now, to find places to stash all my new treasures! Some will be put up for sell, but it's hard when you are drawn to the things you like yourself!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yep, That's Right, It's Gourmet Dinner Night At Our House

Well, at least my husband thought it was going to, actually he knew better than that but he thought he was going to be super funny and take pictures of just how low we'd sunk.

Yes, people, we have paper plates first and foremost. I NEVER use paper plates but being that the dishwasher was almost full and we were out of small Pfaltzgraff ones it seemed to be the thing to do. I decided to try out an old familiar friend, country ham and biscuits, and see how they did with my absent gallbladder. I only overcooked the ham a tad, just out of practice it would seem. Leftover harvest apples from Friday night and packaged Toll House cookies for dessert completed our gourmet menu.

My sweet husband actually said, "Oh, you made cookies, it's been a long time since I've had homemade cookies!" And, I pointed out that they weren't homemade, they were the knock offs from a package. Still being sweet he says, "Well, you made them at home though."

Gotta love this guy.

Except when he mentioned the ham being a little tough. Like I said, outta practice. This is maybe the second dinner I've actually cooked, not just heated up or brought in, in 5 weeks.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

It Snowed and Snowed and Snowed

Guess what? It snowed a lot over the course of last night and this morning! Like 10-12 inches worth. I honestly have not seen that much snow other than at a ski resort in probably almost three decades. Even when I lived in Northern Ohio I missed the big 16 inch snow by a few days. So, when we awoke this morning it was a Winter Wonderland out there except being that it's March 8th, I really could have lived without the Winter Wonderland. You know, maybe back in December it would have been more seasonal or something but now it's time for spring!

Aaaah, spring....that will be here Thursday when the temps depart the 20s and 30s and climb into the 60s. So, I guess not to worry, we can have all of it within the same week if we are patient!

While holed up today, it was a "State of Emergency" after all, I scrapbooked some and managed to get this layout done along with a few more in the Las Vegas album. A load of laundry and vacuuming too! Hmmmmm, let's see, what was more fun? Laundry? Vacuuming? Scrappin'? Hmmmm....

Friday, March 7, 2008

It Snowed and The Virginia Girl Ventured Out

Okay, my motto as a transplanted Virgina/East Coast girl (last big snow there, 1987...everything closes in a dusting) is not to venture out anywhere if it snows, sleets, snows and sleets, or gets icy. So, today we got a few inches of snow with more to come over night for a grand total expected to be around 8-12 inches. For someone who has been cooped up a lot the last 4 weeks I had a lot of plans this weekend and they quickly went by the wayside with that forecast. But, it was good reason to stay in and rest like I needed to be doing so today started the four days of rest, scrapbooking, reading, watching movies with the husband, etc.

I didn't last long. After scrapbooking all afternoon, I noticed that the roads really weren't that bad, in fact just wet. Being that we live on a main road, it gets a lot of traffic and clearing. So, the fact that Hobby Lobby was only 8 minutes away on main roads and the photo storage boxes were only half price through Sat night and I still had the two 40% off coupons we failed to use Tues night, it seemed like a good idea to grab the hubby and go!

So, like a good husband, he cleared the steps and sidewalk off for his princess (that's me!) and dropped me off at the front door to HL! Really, the roads were fine and other than the car accident we saw happen as soon as we arrived in Clarksville, all went well.

Secured 12 photo storage boxes for $2 each for mom who's in a photo organizing frenzy and found where they had hidden all the "good" glue dots that were 50% the glue section! Sneaky! Also found some paper mache letters 50% off that I got sucked into for a grandiose project I'll probably never do! Tim picked up a model he wanted with the other 40% off coupon.

Now we are home safe and sound with our loot and pictures ready to face the rest of the weekend holed up.

The Latest Thrift Finds

I'm a little behind in sharing but last weekend Tim and I went to check out an antique mall that had moved locations. Very disappointing really but found a handful of goodies including this cute little Hallmark calendar/date book from 1950. Hopefully, in time I'll be able to tear it apart for scrapbooking! I also found a gift to put away for Tim, my mom and my aunt! We went across the street to a Goodwill we'd never been in before and the only thing I found was an old children's nature book for 50 cents. It has the cutest pictures of all sorts of things from flowers and butterflies to kittens and catcus! In fact, I cut out a cactus and used it on a Las Vegas layout for Red Rock Canyon already!

I hit another favorite thrift store Wednesday and scored the pretty red lace, two books to put away for Tim and a Village candle literally less than 25% of the original price, hardly burned! Can't pass that up!

On a less fun note, one of my incisions is infected externally (at least that's what we hope!) The surgeon called in an antibiotic for me to start last night so hopefully it will be better soon and will stop hurting!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Inspired Layouts

Well, yesterday I was introduced to online cropping when Scrapbook Lover's Dream hosted an online all day crop over at Willow Traders! Fun! Today, it was another kit club's turn, Twelve Fridays. I really like the designers' styles over there and had been following them since they opened last month. After cropping in the morning with friends, I decided to make a day of it and holed up in my scrapbook room until suppertime participating in their inspiration challenge. So, I completed two layouts scraplifted from their February gallery. I think I'm addicted to online cropping now!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Got Tagged!

Trish at tagged me for a MEME. Here are the Rules: 1. Link to the person that tagged you. 2. Post the rules on your blog. 3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. 4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. 5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

I'm not too good with rules so I think I may alter them a bit! Here's my list:

1.) I wear sunglasses even when it's cloudy and raining! The sunlight bothers my eyes.

2.) I had two poodles as a child. The first was a white one named Jacques. The second one was a silver one named Thatcher.

3.) I am obsessed with lipliner and lipstick. I'll put it on even if I'm just staying around the house or working in the yard!

4.) I spend almost an hour "primping" in the bathroom each morning...that includes showering, makeup and hair!

5.) I eat at least a piece of chocolate every single day!

6.) I check my emails way too much throughout the day!

Okay, here's who I am tagging! Ann at, Gina at, Raegan at, Andrea at

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let Me Highly Recommend This Restaurant

We ate at Blu tonight, a restaurant in the Marriott Hotel in downtown Louisville. It was wonderful, much to my surprise. Not just the friends we were with but the cuisine too. I'm not a gourmet/trendy kinda girl. Give me a cheesesteak and I'm happy if it's a good one. I was a little leary of the menu especially with my digestive system still all out of wack! I had the Filet of Beef (tenderloin) and it was like butter! Speaking of butter, I missed the fact that it wasn't grilled in it like at Texas Roadhouse but the fact that it was tender even after being cooked to death (to my order) made up for it. My salad was delish and the dessert to die for. Okay, shouldn't have eaten the dessert, I majorly pushed the stomach over the edge there but chocolate cake with chocolate ooze with vanilla ice cream, how could I not? Anyway, Tim loved his Portabello mushroom with crab appetizer, the multi cheese ravioli in bolognase sauce (YUMMY meat sauce!) and Italian Wedding Cake....

Okay, this just might be my new favorite place to eat. We are definitely letting my dad take us there when he comes in May!