Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden Kitty Got a Bath

Once every 3 years whether she needs it or not....well, we usually give Garden Kitty a bath at least once a year but somehow time got away from us. She was so good as usual! Junior was completely fascinated by the whole thing, especially since he loves to watch bath water anyway! To see his "sister" in there was just spectacular! He watched the entire time but darted out of the bathroom as soon as the pink hair dryer came forth!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Good Problem To Have

Grandmother's Attic has been a super busy place lately! I've barely been able to keep up at times! This was yesterday's sales at one point, minus a few that came in later! Yes, a good problem to have indeed!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I saw this field of flags on Friday and it was so incredible that I pulled over, parked and took pictures. I'm proud to be an American and thankful for those men and women who fight for our freedom.

Scrapbook Layouts

I haven't scrapbooked in quite awhile so I decided that this holiday weekend I was going to devote a day to it! I invited mom to join me and she came over yesterday. We didn't actually get started till almost noon but we went strong until almost 11pm! I managed to get 7 layouts done and I actually like them all! Mom worked fast and furiously on her paper bag recipe albums and they turned out really cute too!

I Went Junkin' On Friday

I set my alarm for 6:00 am Friday so I could hit some early estate sales and yard sales before going out to the Stewart's Flea Market. I wasn't sure I really wanted to get up that early and when I woke up at 5:40 am I was contemplating turning the alarm off.

Then the phone rang and it was the Sherrif's dept. calling because they had found an abandoned Honda Accord somewhere on Pekin Rd! It was still registered to Tim Young and they wanted to know if they had the right number! WAH! I informed the lady that yes, this was the right number, however, the vehicle had been sold a few weeks ago! I could just picture it getting hauled back to our house! Fortunately, Tim was off work that day so he was able to talk to them. So, now we knew the fate of his poor old Honda although we debated whether something actually went wrong with it or it just ran out of gas!

At this point, I decided I might as well get up and hit the sales! I'm glad I did! I went to a yard sale that listed Antiques first and the couple was one I recognized from Stewart's. They were super nice and I scored some great old children's blocks and Chistmas light reflectors still in their packages! The couple are also collector's and let me peek in their garage and front porch! Fun stuff! Then on to an "estate sale" that was a joke! It was just a driveway full of overpriced stuff! They had some neat signs but not neat prices! A set of barrel furniture in the basement was offered for $950. I stopped at another sale nearby and found an old flocked Christmas wreath in it's original box for 25 cents! I then drove out to Georgetown to a sale that listed many sewing items. Boy were they busy! Every woman that sewed was there I do believe! I only got two magazine style books and a little package of Made by Frances tags. The lady said, "Is your name Frances?" I said no but I liked them anyway! Turns out she was Frances.

I stopped at McDonald's for chocolate chips cookies and some caffeine and then headed to Louisville to the Stewart's Flea Market at the fairgrounds. I headed straight to the Junk Guy and was a little disappointed in his stock this time. I ended up buying mainly kitschy earrings, an Apple Dumplin' necklace, a reproduction Sears catalog and something for mom. I found a few other good books in another booth and a set of vintage Dennison wedding seals. I also got a fabulous gift to put away for Mom's Christmas! On the way home, I stopped at a new thrift store in town and scored a great box of buttons and some lace and yarn. I saw a sign for a church sale and decided it was too close not to check out. Scored some more books, a package of ladies underwear from the 1970s (brand new!) and a couple of other more practical items! My favorite book was a great dressmaking guide with fabulous illustrations (see picture!). All in all, it was a successful junkin' day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taste of Jeffersonville

After missing this event last year due to Tim being broken, we were looking forward to attending this past Thursday night! Tim did some videotaping of the event again and his Fontaine Ferry Park DVD was playing on a tv there. Mom and I met Jamie and Janice there and enjoyed sampling the various fare from local restaurants. My favorite of course was Schimpff's white chocolate covered oreos!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Howard Steamboat Museum Chautauqua Festival

Last weekend was the annual Chautauqua festival at the Howard Steamboat Museum in Jeffersonville, IN. This year was extra special because it marked the 10th anniversary of the date that Tim and I met on those very grounds. May 15th was the actual date which fell on a beautiful Saturday 10 years ago. Little did I know as I approached a booth filled with historical documentaries (and the one on Stan Hywet Hall that really caught my attention and pulled me over) that I was actually meeting my husband to be. After talking to Tim for almost 45 minutes, we exchanged email addresses as he promised to look for a Marx Jellystone Park playset for my then business partner who had one as a child. Little did I know until a few months later that he had written "damkute" on the postcard with my name and email address! Apparently, I had caught his attentiont too! Fate played a hand that day for sure and I am forever grateful!

So back to this year's turned out to be a wonderful weekend after an initial forecast of rain. It was even cold on Sunday and we had to bundle up in sweaters and sweatshirts! Tim sold tons of DVDs and videos over the weekend especially with the opening of the new Fontaine Ferry Park exhibit. The little antique section in the carriage house was fun and I purchased some old valentines. President Lincoln and his wife were strolling around. The music was enjoyable as usual, the food pretty tasty and the weekend all together a nice way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary (of meeting!).