Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flea Market and Scrapbook Convention

I didn't get to go to the Stewart's Flea Market first thing Friday due to a retirement party for one of my fellow co-workers at work. So, I decided I still needed to go Saturday even though probably all the good stuff and good deals would be gone! Ha ha! I had also forgotten about the CKC scrapbook convention that was also going on at the Fairgrounds because it just never made it onto my calendar!

I convinced mom to go over with me and we hit the flea market first. Right off the bat, I found three giant boxes of bubble envelopes for a killer of a price! Cha ching! I was thrilled! The vendor helped me get them out to my SUV and said he could bring more to the next flea market! YAY! They were smaller bags which I was running out of so I was happy to find these!

Ran over to the junk guy and found a handful of things even though all his good stuff goes first thing Friday! (Usually to me, ha ha!) We hit a couple of other vendors and found some good old children's books and vintage party goods! Neat old furnace advertising plates, silver glittery Christmas picks, rolls of vintage carnival tickets, a box of old Esso receipts, a few photographs, an old Ladies Home Journal magazine and an old talcum powder tin to name a few of the goodies we found!

So then we headed over to the Vendor Faire at the CKC convention. It was a bit pricey to get into even with $3 per person discount coupons. There were some good products though and we especially fell in love with the Clear Scraps acrylic and chipboard albums! They are a company out of Colorado. Check out their website! Their design team ROCKED! Finally got to watch a demo of the alcohol inks so now I know what that's all about! Picked up some new Sassafras Lass, Graphic 45, October Afternoon and Websters Pages papers!

All in all a good day even if a day late!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Estate Sale Treasures!

I went to an estate sale a couple of weeks ago and found a few goodies! Not pictured are a couple of more Christmas candy boxes that mom scooped up from my pile at home and a few little presents to put away for mom and Tim down the road! The rest of these goodies will make an appearance in my etsy shop someday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Recent Finds!

Found lots of new goodies to add to my etsy shop!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

We decided we were long overdue for an evening at The Melting Pot so I booked our reservation way in advance of Valentine's Day weekend! We ended up going Friday when you had the option to order off the regular menu because I didn't like the special menu for Sat and Sun! With the ultimate arrival of more snow Sat into Sun, I guess we definitely did the right thing!

Dinner was SO good! It was nice to sit down and relax and eat something different! Tim really enjoyed it and commented several times that it was even better than he remembered! We're planning to go for his birthday in July already!

After dinner we headed over to Half Price Books and found a few goodies! After dinner digested a little, I decided I would get a kid's scoop of my favorite concoction at Cold Stone Creamery! (We hit Michael's before dinner and I picked up three packs of beautiful Prima flowers, all with 40% off coupons!). What a perfect evening!

We saved our gift giving until Sunday itself although I had already gotten my pretty flowers Thurs night! We went light on gifts this year mainly because we are STILL trying to find homes for Christmas presents, it's been an extremely cold winter and the gas and electric bills in this old house are horrendous and we splurged on dinner. And the bookstore, ha ha!

Our 11th Valentine's Day together....sigh....

Mom gave me a pack of sweet vintage valentines mainly with a food theme for my growing collection! I someday hope to do an altered recipe album with them! She also put a gift card to Jimmy John's in my card, yum! Love that place! We had our little Valentine's exchange Saturday and she loved the vintage pink heart shaped candy box complete with an iris attached to the front that I found for her collection! I also found a tiny bottle of vintage perfume for that collection and she gave me a box filled with some great treasures for my etsy shop that she had found!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Favorite Flowers

I came home from work Thursday to a vase of my very favorite flowers- peppermint carnations! Tim surprised me with them early since we were celebrating Valentine's Day Friday! I love them!

Valentine's at Schimpff's

Stopped by Schimpff's Friday and just had to snap some pictures of their beautiful Valentine's candies, boxes and vintage advertising pieces! Boy were they busy!

Recent Finds!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Junior's on TV

Junior absolutely loves to look at the birds out the windows in our bedroom. He spends many an hour gazing longingly out the window by the tv. He chitters and chatters and sometimes just dozes off. The other morning he finally made it to the top of the tv to get an even closer view of a rather noisy bird on our roof!

Fortunately, I had my camera upstairs so I was able to take his picture before telling him he was really not allowed up there and needed to get down and back on the entertainment center!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Surgar Maples Article on Vintage Indie

Article up!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yet Another Winter Wonderland


It started about 10 pm last night and snowed and snowed and snowed through the night! My poor husband had to go in even earlier to work this morning at the tv station. I awoke at 6 am instead of 6:30 am so I went ahead and got up somewhere in between! I figured I'd need the extra time to clean my car off. And that did take about 20 minutes. It snowed hard the entire time I was out there, my jeans and gloves were soaked. I pulled carefully out on Main St. and ventured down the street to work. The side streets were especially yucky! I was never so glad to get inside and dry out. It finally stopped snowing after lunch sometime, dropping about 6 inches.

A little more is expected overnight along with subzero wind chills and temps in the teens. Brrr! So, tomorrow will bring icy roads and I don't foresee any of this going anywhere anytime soon as the temps won't even reach the freezing mark until Sunday. Oh and did I mention 2-4 more inches expected Sunday? Maybe a little Fri night and Sat?

It's days like this I have no idea why we live here and not Arizona or Las Vegas! Summer just can't come soon enough!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Party Girl

Who knew Garden Kitty was such a party girl? She donned her New Year's top hat, grabbed a bottle of brandy and looks ready to curl up and sleep it off on her favorite pair of jeans!