Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yet Another Winter Wonderland


It started about 10 pm last night and snowed and snowed and snowed through the night! My poor husband had to go in even earlier to work this morning at the tv station. I awoke at 6 am instead of 6:30 am so I went ahead and got up somewhere in between! I figured I'd need the extra time to clean my car off. And that did take about 20 minutes. It snowed hard the entire time I was out there, my jeans and gloves were soaked. I pulled carefully out on Main St. and ventured down the street to work. The side streets were especially yucky! I was never so glad to get inside and dry out. It finally stopped snowing after lunch sometime, dropping about 6 inches.

A little more is expected overnight along with subzero wind chills and temps in the teens. Brrr! So, tomorrow will bring icy roads and I don't foresee any of this going anywhere anytime soon as the temps won't even reach the freezing mark until Sunday. Oh and did I mention 2-4 more inches expected Sunday? Maybe a little Fri night and Sat?

It's days like this I have no idea why we live here and not Arizona or Las Vegas! Summer just can't come soon enough!

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