Thursday, August 13, 2009

600 Mile Yard Sale!

Last Friday Tim and I took off bright and early and headed to Frankfort where we picked up Hwy 127 going south for the big 127 yard sale! We had so much fun last year we decided to go for two days this year! Friday was great! We had an absolute blast! Hit all the same spots as last year- big fields, parking lots and church yards filled with vendors galore! Great finds! The best treasure was a 1950s Space Patrol stationery set with stamps, writing paper, paper coins, a coin album, a stamp album and another booklet all bundled together for the super bargain price of $2! I was brazen enough to talk the seller down from $3 to $2 and she went for it. Tim's eyes were great big and he said it was probably worth $100 or more in such mint, never used condition! YAY for me! Too bad he wants to keep it huh?

We are lucky, the stretch from Frankfort to Danville is a good one where one can find lots of antiques and collectibles. Past that, not so much we came to find out Saturday! At one stop, we ran into fellow New Albany residents and visited with a couple of dealers along the way that we know! We stopped Friday night as the sun was setting and had supper at a yummy local mexican restaurant in Danville. Then we headed to our hotel where we found chocolate chip cookies and a computer waiting for us! (Two things that are hard to live without these days!) We collapsed at midnight and set the alarm for 6:30 am.

Saturday morning we dragged ourselves out of the big, super comfy bed, had a quick breakfast, checked emails and hit the road. Oh, we put some sausage and biscuits out for the little kittens we had seen the night before out by the pool....

We drove a little ways back to the Fairgrounds in Danville and I found a pile of vintage readers right off the bat! Junction City, our next stop, was a little disappointing this year after finding tons of great books and toys at the big set up there. Probably a sign of things to be that day. We passed by many a small set up and kept heading south. Twice we were told that we really needed to go to Crossville, TN and the headquarters of the sale in Jamestown, TN. Turned out that the road changed from not bad to a "Scenic Byway" = windy roads. Thank goodness for motion sickness bracelets! We just kept driving and driving and driving and passing up stops thinking better things would come! A few did but they were overall few and far between! One gets spoiled by the idea that 60 miles on the interstate takes 1 hour or less these days with high speed limits. 60 miles on windy roads going 35 miles per hour can take 2 or more hours!

We finally found Jamestown, parked and discovered that the headquarters was already closed. Nice. And in addition to that, there were no set ups in the town! On to Crossville. We passed a big park with multi vendor set ups and Tim suggested stopping. I said we had to eat at the next place we saw no matter what it was and then we'd go back! So, we stopped at a convenience store and had great pizza! It was really good! We built up some energy and went back to the park. A lot of vendors were already shut down as dusk and darkness was approaching but we found a few things.

Then we drove some more windy, dark roads finally arriving in Crossville, TN at our Hampton Inn. We got to bed a little earlier which helped when the alarm again went off at 6:30 am the next morning! We had decided that neither one of us wanted to drive that same stretch back to Frankfort so we planned to cut over on the interstate and hit Nashville where we then went North! We did do a little stretch of 127 for about an hour and a half and found a couple of good set ups. The best thing about going to Nashville was that we got to stop at the Rare Bird Antique Mall in Goodlettsville (15 min north of Nashville) and then Bright's Antique World in Franklin, KY! The Rare Bird is a one of a kind experience! The owners have collected general store items for over 33 years and have a fabulous selection for sale in their mall. We had fun in there once again! Hit another little mall down the street and then Bright's. Didn't score the 12 baking sets like last year but found a few little treasures regardless!

Rolled into our driveway right before dark, unloaded the car and collapsed! The next day I tackled the mess of boxes and bags and discovered that overall, we really did find some cool stuff! Mostly for my etsy shop but a few little trinkets for our collections and a few gifts for family! Will we do it again next year? Most definitely but this time we'll just stay in the Danville area and then head back the next day!

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