Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Virginia Visitors!

Last Thursday my godmother Harriet, godsister Andrea and her daughter Alexis stopped by on their way from Chicago back to Virginia! Upon their arrival, we gave them a quick tour of our house and New Albany and then headed over to mom's to pick her up. Then on to Schimpff's Confectionery in Jeffersonville. Jill was wonderful and gave us a full tour even though it was 30 minutes before closing! Everyone enjoyed Schimpff's and the free tastes of chocolate we got!

We drove by the Howard Steamboat Museum where Tim and I were married but Alexis didn't remember it (she was our flower girl!). Went to Hobby Lobby and they already had their Christmas ornaments out and they were 40% off! Andrea was very excited about that!

Dashed home and picked up Tim so we could head over for supper at Lynn's Paradise Cafe off Bardstown Rd. It is truly an experience and everyone loved it! The perfect place to take out of town guests! We had a blast playing around in their funky gift shop too!

Visited more back at the house, looked at scrapbooks and then fell into bed at midnight. So glad they got to come and see us!

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