Saturday, August 22, 2009

State Fair Ribbons!

I won! More in the Antiques section this year than Scrapbooking which was a switch from last year! How fun though! Tim and I went to the fair yesterday afternoon although mom had gone in the morning and clued me in a bit. But she held out on me on the Second Premium that my box of Christmas snow got! Vintage earrings got a Third Premium, my tin sand toy with it's original box and the picnic package received Honorable Mentions. The Birthday layout I did specifically for entry in the fair received a Third Premium! I had done the family layout for the fair too but the Christmas and Vacation layout just got pulled out of albums and they weren't what I had planned to enter. I had planned to do layouts but ran out of time. I only had a year right?!

Anyway, mom's group photo received an Honorable Mention. We were a little surprised that her victorian blouse didn't receive any recognition but the judging is a little hard to figure out!

More general fair pictures to come soon!


Anonymous said...

congrats....I left a lengthy message that disappeared. Loved your entries! Janie

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

You go girl, you have excellent taste.