Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Got More Junk!

Mom and I had decided not to go to the monthly Lawrenceburg Flea Market. That was it. Not going. We had shopped ourselves silly Saturday and found plenty of treasures. We were tired and had a ton of stuff that needed doing at our respective homes Sunday.

So, all morning I was thinking about it. And mom was too. And she called me and brought it up. And I said I was going to call her and discuss it. Then I tossed out the idea of going to Simpsonville which was closer. We decided to do that. Then I called her back and said why don't we just go to Lawrenceburg! So we did!

Now, I didn't realize it would take 2 hours to get there! Yikes! Long haul and a late start led to dashing through the flea market faster than we would have liked especially as 3:00 and closing time approached! It was super fun though! We hadn't been there in YEARS! Saw a couple of familiar dealers from other shows, the weather was perfect and there was lots of good stuff to be found!

Discovered the world's best snickerdoodle cookies too! YUM!

I was able to pass up the box of enticing World Book Encyclopedias. Mom was giving me the evil eye...okay, okay, so I have a "few" in the basement to go through...

And then hit a dumpy flea market in an old motel on the way back! Scored! Books! Including a Portugese ABC book from the turn of the century! And a Dick and Jane from, okay get this....Newport News, VA School System. Mom and I are convinced it was one of hers that got sold at a yard sale a few years ago when she downsized her school materials! How else would that book from NN have found it's way to IN?

So, end result- fun and more stuff!

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laurie - magpie ethel said...

Good stuff at the flea market! I love the album of old stickers and the place naps. Sucker for old graphics!