Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wet Rat Or Cat?

We've been a little slack in the kitty bathing department. Let's just say that when we finally decided to wash Ms. Kitty last night, her prescription shampoo purchased in 2006 and used once, if that, had expired in March of 2007. So, back to the bottle of Hartz.

She is so good though, never puts up a fight. She especially hates the hair dryer part of the whole experience. But today she's nice and fluffy and soft and smells good!


The Tattered Rose said...
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The Tattered Rose said...

When I got my little kitty (now gone on to her just reward) about 20 years ago, she had fleas and was too young to treat so I checked out a book from the library that showed these wonderful pics of "how to bathe a cat." It involved gently putting her down into the water, bathing her and then gently toweling her dry and then using a hair dryer to finish it off. All I can say is that when I tried to put my baby into the water the next thing I knew she was on my head and there were claw marks all the way up. So glad to know that others have had a gentler experience.
p.s. when she required antibiotics (gratefully only once in her long life) I had to wear a hazmet suit to administer it and it still took 2 of us. She would save it in her mouth and spit it back out when you finally thought she had swallowed it. I had it in my hair more than once.

obsessed scrapbooker said...

Egads! My first kitty would have ripped me to shreds if I had dared put him in a tub...this one, a sweetheart from day one. She just looks at us wide eyed and she's a little squirmy by the blowdrying but she's SO GOOD! Your story is too funny!

Lolly said...

What an adorable kitty! If I attempted to put any of my kitties in the tub or under water I would have shredded arms. Your kitty looks so docile!! You lucky girl!