Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Finds!

Friday Mom and I went to an estate sale over in was almost noon by the time we got over there and we figured there wouldn't be anything good left! Well, there was still a lot of things left! Some good, some not! We were there for two hours treasure hunting. Found some old greeting cards, old ephemera including two neat old receipt books and income tax forms from the 40s! Anyway, it was lots of fun and reminded me of the good old days going to wonderful tag sales in Akron, OH when I lived there in the mid 90s! The little birthday pins pictured above came from the sale! Cute aren't they?

Saturday was Thunder Over Louisville, big doings here in the Kentuckiana area. Tim had to work an 18 hour day at the station so mom and I took off and went to Lexington to check out the Lexington Loose Leaf Antique Show. We'd been once years ago but it had since moved and was now in an old school building. It was a lovely show but very high end. Mom found some pretty hats but it was just not what we collect overall.

We ate at their little cafe downstairs and it was pretty good and they had a nice spread of refreshments upstairs in the hall. We stopped at Lasting Legacy scrapbook store and it happened to be their consignment sale day! Too bad we were there about 4 hours after it opened! They still had some good stuff and good buys though so we could only imagine what awesome stuff they had when it opened! They said the line was super long at the door! So that was fun and we came away with some good deals, especially in the stamp dept.

On to an antique mall and while there we found out about another antique show a couple of blocks away...turned out to be many of the old dealers from the Lexington Loose Leaf show that had split off. So, it was wonderful! Lots of neat things to look at! We found some old greeting cards, this wonderful old animal domino like card set pictured above, old hats and stands...After we left there we went back to an antique mall called The Feathered Nest and they were so nice in there! It was one of the gal's birthday so they had cake and punch and she was wearing a special tiara! Found some adorable vintage greeting cards there, although mom got most of them for her collection! Came home, collapsed on the sofa, Garden Kitty joined us and the three girls watched The Memory Keeper's Daughter on Lifetime.

On a side note, the ribbon pictured above was a score from a local thrift store I found last week and the sheet music is from a yard sale a couple of weeks ago! I SCORED a ton of sheet music and am trying to sort my way through it, these three are definite keepers for the cute graphics!

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