Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday Finds

Just a few of my treasures from Sunday afternoon thrifting and flea marketing! I went to the Derby Park Flea Market Sunday to see what it was all about since mom and I had decided not to go to the Burlington Flea. First I learned that Mapquest is not always your best friend. The way it took me there was awful and wrong and unsafe! I finally made it over there alive and it was SO not worth it! I spent .75 cents. However, I got a super neat 1969 Top Value Trading Stamps catalog for .50. It's a keeper. The pictures are priceless! Got a roll of gift wrap for .25 and got the heck out of there.

Headed over to Tickled Pink while in the area and found a wonderful white floral covered hat for 2.99! There are tons of flowers to pull off! Found a few other goodies there and then went to another flea market back on 7th and then to a thrift store nearby where I got these other 2 wonderful hats for $4 each! Full of beautiful, vintage flowers! So exciting!

Found these wonderful old ribbons and a bag of old rhinestone trim, little tiny silk flowers and pearl trim, an old pack of silver sequins from Dee's with the original price tag (probably 1970s or 80s), lots of great old books to cut up (some for Etsy), including two great old anatomy books and another shorthand book, this great white metal rack/holder for my scrapbook room (bargain at $3.70 at a thrift store!!! I love it! Will probably put stamps in it.), and best of all the find of the day was the Mary Alden's Cake and Cookie Cook Book for Children. Tim and I had seen a version of it at the Bardstown Antique show but it wasn't priced. The dealer said she had just gotten it to sell for a friend and would have to research it before she could price it. I was so bummed! The illustrations were awesome in it. Well, I found it at a Peddler's Mall for .99! That was the most exciting part! What a deal! I bet that other lady prices it at $12 minimum.

And, the pink and green hippo skirt. I found this also at the Peddler's Mall and was telling the checkout girl, who was probably 16 or 17, that the most horrible thing about it was that I believe I had the very same one in the 80s AND I wore it! She looked at me so funny and was speechless! I plan to put it up on Ebay one of these days! It is so 80s!

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The Tattered Rose said...

The cookbook is great! You got a real find there. I love the Burlington Flea Market, too! Cheers, Trish G.