Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Name Is Elizabeth And I Am A Thrift Store Junkie

Well, that and flea markets and antique malls/stores, etc, etc! I've been finding more treasures lately and have this annoying habit of immediately coming home and putting them away somewhere; either in a box to sell, my scrapbook room to "use", gifts boxes for the family or amongst our collections to enjoy! However, then I have to go around and pull stuff just to take a picture!

So, here are a few pretties from the past few weeks...I found this Old Maid game yesterday at a thrift store for 50 cents and I was so excited as I had this very game as a kid and I actually remember playing with it many times! How fun! Does it scream 1970s or what? It's dated 1978! My first thought was to sell it but then I realized I just couldn't part with that one.

I love the little trinkets I've been finding especially the door knocker pin! Isn't that the cutest? It's just perfect for the front of a house album I have...a chipboard album shaped like a house! All I have to do is remove the pin part and voila! I also loved the old screw back earrings that have the daisies and other little flowers! Can you imagine actually wearing those back in the day? Yeah, me neither...

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The Tattered Rose said...

Hey, I still wear earrings like that! One of my fav pair has a whole bunch of fruit on it. (BTW, I may have to go to the meetings with ya! :Trish