Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We're Getting A New Pole Light!

Or "Home Improvement Gone Terribly Wrong"!

This is what happens when you have a husband, a hack saw, a tree, a ladder and a pole light all within a few feet of one another. I even got to witness the whole ugly act. I pulled up after spending an hour at Kroger after work tonight (getting some super good deals!) and was chatting with my mom on the phone (about my super good deals!) and was waiting out on the street/curb to pull in the driveway. When I pulled up I saw Tim had a ladder leaning from the driveway up to this tree and was sawing away at a big branch that was hitting the electric wire. I was informing my mother that he was sure to fall any minute.

So, I watched the ladder and the husband teeter and totter and then I saw the branch split and fall off, hitting the bushes and then the pole light and there was Tim teetering and tottering and hanging on to another branch and at that point I was wishing I was still at Kroger getting some more good deals.

He sheepishly came over to the car and said "I broke the light". He didn't mean to. He had it all planned out that it would fall right between the bush and the light, hitting neither one. (It hit both)

I informed him that he was now going to have to spend $60-80 or whatever it ends up costing to buy us a new pole light.

He just kept reminding me that I never liked that one anyway. (Like he had done me a favor in all this!)

I ran in to get the camera for documentation and embarrassment while he lugged in my really good deals before sweeping up the broken glass.

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New Alb Annie said...

Uh oh!

I'll be watching for the new light to go up. Get one with unbreakable glass!!!