Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, I'm up earlier than expected due to the EARTHQUAKE we had at 5:37am! Yep, a real earthquake! Now, for those of you out in CA...I'm sure it's nothing new! But this was my first and it was scary!!! I had just awakened at 5:30am and was laying in bed trying to get back to sleep when the whole house started shaking and wouldn't stop! We have a train that goes by all the time right behind us so the house sometimes vibrates with that but this was SO different! I finally decided that it wasn't storming or wind and that the house must be coming down....being an old house and all! It just wouldn't stop shaking and rattling and it felt rumbly and like it was rocking side to side. So, thought it best to get out of bed, get the kitty and head downstairs. I put my shoes on and grabbed the cell phone and got the kitty who was coming out of the guest room a little shaken up herself! The bookcase in our living room upstairs was still shaking and the glass on it was rattling and I looked out the window and still saw nothing! We headed downstairs and I looked out the front door and nothing! It finally stopped right after that! I turned the news on and sure enought EARTHQUAKE! It's big news today. Apparently, it was 5.2 on the Rhicter Scale and the epicenter was over in Illinois! 160 miles west from Louisville! Lasted for 30 seconds, sure seemed longer! They say on the news now that the largest one prior was in 1968. There are a few reports of structural damage and a broken water main in the Old Louisville area. All seems okay at our house although a couple of things worked their way forward. Needless to say, I never got back to bed! SCARY!!!!

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