Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Indy Advertising Show

My husband and I recently jaunted up to Indy for the lovely Antique Advertising Show held at the State Fairgrounds. It never disappoints! The gorgeous Noma Christmas sign would have gone home with us if it hadn't been priced at over $1700! WOW! We got up super early, 5am to be exact, so we would have time to go to this show as well as two others that were being held the same day! The Collector's Caravan made a return visit after a few years and I really liked it! I found several great things for my etsy shop and probably a couple of things for myself! The Stewart's Flea Market was also going on and always fun to stop at! We still had time to hit the Southport Antique Mall as they are open till 8pm and then eat dinner at Carrabba's! Yummy! The day was long but fun until we hit two thunderstorms driving home in the dark!

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