Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine

We've obviously either started a tradition or have just become creatures of habit as once again this year we celebrated Valentine's Day by going to The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall, Half Price Books and The Melting Pot. We also again went the Saturday before Valentine's Day as A) I like the menu better, B) The traffic isn't as bad trying to cross the river with one less bridge still C) We can get a much earlier start and D) It wasn't a work day! Makes sense to us! Dinner was fabulous as always! I think I could eat there once a month if I given the option...

We waited, however, to open our cards and gifts until tonight after an unplanned dinner out at La Rosita. We actually had never been back there after going once in their first location and not liking the shredded beef (no ground beef on the menu there). Anyway, I was super tired after getting home from work and had no intention of standing in the kitchen cooking for an hour. So we decided to go somewhere close and hope they weren't crowded! And they weren't! We got chicken fajitas nachos or something like that and they were good! The queso w/chorizo was only okay. We really liked the flavor of the seasoned, grilled chicken though. Yum!

Ripped open the cards and our little gifts....Tim got the annual Bad Cat calendar and a vintage tv cameraman valentine and he gave me a vintage Easter cart w/an adorable lamb. Gift cards from the parents and a check to boot!

Junior showed up at the end to inspect things and everything passed.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Anonymous said...

Such a sweet couple, and nice in real life, too! I love the way the assistant/inspector weighs in...
Your friend, Jane