Friday, June 13, 2008

Thrifting Friday

I had planned to scrapbook with a friend today but our plans got changed to Monday instead so I recruited my mom to go across town with me to drop off two more kit layouts and use our three 50% off coupons at Michaels. We had a super yummy lunch at On The Border and then headed over to a favorite thrift store and to Tickled Pink.

Scored big at the thrift store in the children's book dept! Lots of goodies for Etsy! Found some other goodies too, including an Ant Farm, mint in box, dated 1971. I had planned to put it on Etsy but Tim had just recently mentioned having one as a kid and I asked him about this one. End result, without him getting to see it yet, is that we are going to keep it and he gets it for a gift at a later date! It is really cute! No ants included but the original bag of sand, which doesn't look much like sand, is still there.

I thought the puffy Lassie stickers were super cool too and will keep one of the duplicates for Tim for him to display with the Lassie Playset!

Spent the rest of the afternoon shipping Etsy orders at the post office and taking tons of pictures for future Etsy shop listings! Stay tuned!

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Lolly said...

What great finds! My thrift stores around here have been the pits lately....hope you and your mom are doing well. How is your hubby?