Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Well, I'm a bit sad today as I was originally supposed to be in Virginia WITH my dad instead of having to settle for two phone calls across the miles. So, thought I'd share some pictures of dad and I over the years to go along with the gift I made him! I bought one of those digital frames and created a flash card with about 65 pictures through the years, including all the pets and the son-in-law! He LOVED it! I also gave him a book about delis and their history and as a huge deli conniseur, he loved that too! Said it was the best book I'd ever given him!

We don't always agree, and we are both stubborn but my dad has always loved me dearly and was always there for me. I remember late night snacks of popcorn, watching college basketball games on tv, fixing me school lunches at night, hanging out with me and my friends, bike rides, swimming at Hidenwood Pool, reading me tons of books, setting up his train and painting little figures for it, shopping at the Williamsburg Outlets, gosh I could go on and on but you get the idea! A real hands on dad and I am very glad for that!

So, Happy Father's Day and hopefully I'll be able to make up my trip soon!

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