Monday, June 2, 2008

How 'Bout Some Updates

Well, let's's been 5 weeks today since Tim fell and broke his hip! He is doing well, but still not allowed to put weight on it yet so he just hobbles around on his crutches and lays in bed. He can sit up for about 30-45 minutes before he gets sore and achy so he's been going through some old papers of his mother's leftover from the estate stuff. He does that until either the shredder overheats or he can't take the ZRRRRing noise any longer! He's read lots of books, watched lots of movies and spent a lot of time on the laptop! Last night we broke out the still sealed copies of Land of the Lost on DVD that he bought me a couple of years ago! We watched the first two episodes. Somehow, it didn't seem so cheap and rinky dink when I was a kid!

I have decided that when Tim is finally up and running again, I never want to lug watering cans from the kitchen to the porch to water plants, haul trash around to the back of the house, step on aluminum cans, fix three meals a day (and yes, the description MEAL is stretching it but still...), walk up and down the steps in our Victorian house anywhere from 10-25 times a day, or lug stuff up and down the rickety basement steps on such a regular basis EVER again! I'm gladly turning some of those duties back over to Tim and I'll get my excercise on a flatter surface for the rest of the summer, thank you.

I've been to doctors two Fridays in a row with pain on my right side. I've passed on a CAT Scan. Diagnosis is stress and IBS and muscle pain. The last one threw out the possibility of gluten and/or wheat allergies and lactose intolerance. Probably all of which I have but for now I'll just keep ignoring how I react to foods.

Garden Kitty is going back for dental issues Wed, however, this time to our local vet. They got the real nice expensive xray machine that the kitty dentist in Indy had so they let me know that the specialist was coming Wed to train them and they'd love to use GK as their guinea pig. Well, initially we couldn't do it because we were supposed to be going to VA this Fri. That got cancelled though so I called and scheduled her. They will probably extract another tooth as she has a red lesion on her gum. Poor kitty. We hope and pray she'll come through's always so scary!

Tim goes back to the Orthopedic doctor in two weeks so we'll see how he's progressing! He's getting awfully used to being waited on hand and foot and we just can't have that now can we?!

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