Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nature's Course

Well, I came home from work Tuesday night and went to roll the trash can back up from the curb. There, in the middle of the driveway, were three little birds along with their nest. I am a huge sap and it immediately broke my heart! We had had some stormy weather around 4:30am and I guess the wind knocked their nest out the nearby tree. Poor little things, were just minding their own bird business and waiting till they could fly out on their own and, boom, down came their world! They weren't brand new, they had quite a lot of feathers but still weren't full grown.

Well, I first called my neighbor who knows not only about cats but also birds. She suggested that I at least get them over to the grass where it wouldn't be so hot and where they could have some protection. She also warned me that they might not make it.

So, armed with my Wal Mart bag covered dustpan and a piece of cardboard I hesitantly pushed the little guys one by one onto their new ride and off we went to the mulch. Two looked pretty good, one had a lot of ants on it. A few minutes later after I reported to Tim that I managed to move them and that I had also managed to get all the little mites that jumped on me off my hand, I went to check on them and the ant covered one had stopped breathing...ugh...I couldn't just leave it there with the ones that were alive especially if mom or dad did come to feed them.

So, back to get another bag and, this was really yucky for me, I got him on the pan and turned the bag inside out and, wah, he had to go in the trashcan for trash pick up the next day!

Once that was done, I was so icked out that I said bye to the others and went upstairs to take a shower! I was hot, sweaty and I really did not like those mites!

Well, I kept looking out at them for the next few hours and they were there, mouths open, waiting for some yummy worms.

The next morning I was actually contemplating that the next step might have to be me diggin up a worm or two and I was trying to figure out if I wanted to give up my cooking tongs when I did go out to check on them.

Sad news. One was gone. No idea where it went but I can take some guesses. The other one was in the grass just inches away and had died.

Ugh. I felt so bad! Oh well...nature took its course I guess. At least I tried.

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New Alb Annie said...

We had the same thing with the robins here--but possibly the one that went missing from your bunch had the same luck ours did. Its parents continued to care for it on the ground, moved it to cover, and kept feeding it. As far as I could tell, it was still okay a couple of days after leaving the nest.