Friday, June 20, 2008

Back on His Feet, Well Sorta

We were supposed to go for Tim's follow up appt. with the Orthopedic doctor Monday but they called and rescheduled it so we finally got to go today. Looks like he's been healing up pretty well and now we get to move on to getting him back in full working order. That means transitioning from two crutches with weight on the left leg to one crutch in a few days to a cane until he returns for another follow up on July 25th. He will be going to physical therapy to help regain strength in the muscles, regain range of motion and not be so wobbly! He can drive a car and he can go up and down stairs all with the idea that pain will be his guide. So, he gets breakfast in bed through the weekend and the cooler next to the bed stocked with Mt. Dew and water but come Monday I'm semi retiring and we've got new rules around this place! YAY!

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