Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

This little baby grew up and became my mom! Her birthday was actually yesterday but since it was a little hectic, I didn't have a chance to post on here until this morning!

We had lunch at the Cheddar Box in Louisville, which is one of her favorite places and then did a little shopping! We intended to hit a lot of thrift/antique stores but never got to a one! Mom got her free birthday ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery though and enjoyed every bite!

A little change in dinner plans brought us back to her house bringing in Mexican from our new favorite local Mexican restaurant and cake and presents too! Then the a/c went out and $267 later she got a new transformer for her birthday! Now, that is always just want you want, however, not having a/c on a 90 some degree day is no fun either so....

Happy Birthday and more celebrating to come tomorrow!!!!!

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