Monday, March 10, 2008

More Thrift Store Finds!

After being cooped up all weekend, I couldn't wait to get out and about today! I had to go get Garden Kitty's medicine anyway so I hit a couple of my favorite thrift stores while out. It was 25% off everything day at one of them which is always a bonus! As you can see, I found a ton of stuff! Probably none of which I really needed but so hard to pass up!

We will never have to buy labels to label anything ever again! Out of the 5000 that were originally in that box, I'd say there are at least 4000 left and for $2.85 how could I let that one go? Found some vintage ric rack, lovely wide black rick rack, beautiful craft leaves I dissected off two picks, a roll of older wallpaper (not the really good vintage stuff, but pretty and older nonetheless), numbered divider cards, a german/english dictionary, some other vintage books, 3 red dymo label tapes from the 80s, crepe paper galore-not sure what I'll do with it yet but it's intriguing to me for crafts, several old games with neat game pieces (not all pictured), an old sewing pattern from the 60s, neat plastic magnet letters/numbers for crafting...dirt cheap, 4 rubber stamps (one was never used with the Ben Franklin price of over $9 on it still, another date roller stamp for scrapbooking, never used mint in package), three rubber stamp inks, three old flower pins, 4 old needle paper holders with needles, some brand new greeting cards for 39 cents each and best bargain of all...5 ribbon yarns with the original price of almost $6 each on them so that's like $30 worth for the $3 thrift store price! Less than $1 each! I found a great book to put away for Tim; his gift box is getting heavy with all these books I keep finding!

So, a good thrifting day! Now, to find places to stash all my new treasures! Some will be put up for sell, but it's hard when you are drawn to the things you like yourself!

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The Tattered Rose said...

I was right behind ya today! I found a couple of old earrings and some plastic eggs for my projects and 3 packs of vintage looking wall paper border.