Friday, March 7, 2008

The Latest Thrift Finds

I'm a little behind in sharing but last weekend Tim and I went to check out an antique mall that had moved locations. Very disappointing really but found a handful of goodies including this cute little Hallmark calendar/date book from 1950. Hopefully, in time I'll be able to tear it apart for scrapbooking! I also found a gift to put away for Tim, my mom and my aunt! We went across the street to a Goodwill we'd never been in before and the only thing I found was an old children's nature book for 50 cents. It has the cutest pictures of all sorts of things from flowers and butterflies to kittens and catcus! In fact, I cut out a cactus and used it on a Las Vegas layout for Red Rock Canyon already!

I hit another favorite thrift store Wednesday and scored the pretty red lace, two books to put away for Tim and a Village candle literally less than 25% of the original price, hardly burned! Can't pass that up!

On a less fun note, one of my incisions is infected externally (at least that's what we hope!) The surgeon called in an antibiotic for me to start last night so hopefully it will be better soon and will stop hurting!

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