Saturday, March 22, 2008

Look Who Came A Day Early

I was at the computer this morning and Tim came running in from outside and said "The Easter Bunny has been here, the Easter Bunny has been here!" He was all excited just like a little kid and wanted me to go look RIGHT THEN! I kept trying to guess what the heck he was talking about....was there a bunny on our porch? A cat? Boxes delivered by the postman from recent Ebay purchases?

Anyway, he wouldn't say until I got outside and he proudly pointed to the pile of colorful plastic Easter eggs in our front yard! I went down to have a closer look and they were filled with candy no less! Looking around at my neighbors', I noticed little colorful mounds in their yards too!

So, either the little furry guy with the cotton tail showed up a day early or had some help from one of our neighbors....this is when you gotta love where you live!

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Mansion Row Rosie said...

He made it down this way, too.