Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let Me Highly Recommend This Restaurant

We ate at Blu tonight, a restaurant in the Marriott Hotel in downtown Louisville. It was wonderful, much to my surprise. Not just the friends we were with but the cuisine too. I'm not a gourmet/trendy kinda girl. Give me a cheesesteak and I'm happy if it's a good one. I was a little leary of the menu especially with my digestive system still all out of wack! I had the Filet of Beef (tenderloin) and it was like butter! Speaking of butter, I missed the fact that it wasn't grilled in it like at Texas Roadhouse but the fact that it was tender even after being cooked to death (to my order) made up for it. My salad was delish and the dessert to die for. Okay, shouldn't have eaten the dessert, I majorly pushed the stomach over the edge there but chocolate cake with chocolate ooze with vanilla ice cream, how could I not? Anyway, Tim loved his Portabello mushroom with crab appetizer, the multi cheese ravioli in bolognase sauce (YUMMY meat sauce!) and Italian Wedding Cake....

Okay, this just might be my new favorite place to eat. We are definitely letting my dad take us there when he comes in May!

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Old Dad said...

I can hardly wait--particularly if it is as good as Texas Roadhouse!!