Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vintage Christmas Finds!

This never ever happens....finding such great vintage treasures at the Goodwill! Mom and I went there a week or so ago and I was wandering the Christmas aisle when all of a sudden I am greeted with an adorable box of miniature glass bulbs, a plastic santa candy container STILL ON THE ORIGINAL CARDBOARD BASE, a kitschy plastic corsage and two cardboard houses! Prices you ask? Okay....nothing was more than 75 cents! Jackpot and now on display among our other vintage Christmas goodies!

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Jean said...

Okay, I never thought it would happen, but I finally have seen someone who is more obsessed about Christmas than I am. We used to have our family room set up like an old country store too. We had it for probably 25 years. We sold off most of it about 10 years ago but kept some of our favorite pieces. We still have some great display pieces and wonderful old tins. We still collect all seasonal "stuff" and old sand toys and other old toys. It gets into your blood, doesn't it? I have really enjoyed seeing all your fantastic vintage Christmas. Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my face. I will come back and visit again. Have a wonderful weekend.
Jean in Virginia