Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

Santa was super great to us this year! We must have been good boys and girls in 2008! Lots of goodies to add to our collections! A few practical things but not many, ha ha! I was very excited to get a new Canon digital camera! I've been using my Kodak Easy Share 3.1 megapixels and this summer the zoom button fell off in a hotel parking lot and I couldn't find it! Tim got some new Dockers, socks, and a new winter hat in the practical dept. But on to the good stuff! Lots of vintage! Candy boxes, vintage Christmas decorations, tin sand pails, children's toys, Christmas ornaments, a children's French pastry set, Santa Claus Land souvenir collectibles, travel postcards, viewmasters, and kitschy souvenir state ashtrays, space stuff, Marx Warriors of the World Romans, pirate stuff, dog 'n suds stuff, Archway sugar cookies for Tim (his FAVORITE), a Marx Disney Castle with Disneykins and more! The big surprises were a King Zor (dinosaur) for Tim and a Remco Playmobile (car dashboard) for me! Mom got lots of girly things like the celluloid photo buttons she collects, vintage floral hats, vintage wedding cake toppers, cookbooks, scrapbooking stuff, ornaments and a handmade album with pictures from her surprise birthday tea party! We got a big laugh out of her when we gave her four models of body parts! Inside joke but it all goes back to her helping me cut out ephemera from old anatomy books for my etsy shop! (Tim plans to actually add these to his mad lab at Halloween!) The cats had to be carried down to open their nice array of Christmas gifts...from friends, dad and Santa! Junior was a little unsure of what was going on but Garden Kitty enjoyed herself and stayed with us for awhile on the sofa. Tim took out loads of trash and we snacked our way through the day as we unwrapped presents and enjoyed another Christmas together!

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Geri said...

It does look as if you were super good from all the presents Santa left.