Sunday, December 21, 2008

Junior Was Extremely Bad Friday

Well, after Junior was feeling yucky on Wednesday and ended up at the vet for a good portion of the day he was feeling all back to normal Friday and acting like a cat again.

I was downstairs putting laundry in the washing machine when Junior made one of his rare appearances to the first floor of our house. He came into the kitchen and jumped up on the little table to look out the kitchen window. We leave the curtains parted so the cats can do this. Something very enticing was catching Junior's attention and the van was parked in the way of his viewing area.

So, in true cat-like fashion, he quickly decided to jump up to the mid portion of the window. There was a little sill there, however, he was unaware that he would not actually fit on it. He was also unaware of the problem that would present itself when he tried to hang on and there were no front claws any longer.

Down he came, pulling (and tearing) my lace curtains with him, knocking over vintage candy boxes and almost knocking over the gingerbread man tree in the process. I stood there momentarily with my mouth hanging open and then ran to catch the wobbling tree! Tree was saved, boxes were okay, Junior was fine although a little freaked and curtains were not fine.

Made for an interesting morning to say the least.

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