Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Our very own YMCA opened last Saturday 2 minutes from our house. So, how could we not join? We did and took advantage of the no join fee. Saved $100. Then we found out that we could actually join through Fox 41, Tim's employer, and they'd pay half of our monthly fee. So nice of them!

Today I went and took my first Yoga class. I think I liked it! It was like nothing I'd ever done before. We stretched. And stretched. And stretched some more. We stretched out stuff I didn't realize could be stretched. I quickly discovered that my quads have apparently not been stretched in 13 years. That was the last time I belonged to a gym....Bally's in Akron, OH. Then after all the stretching, we relaxed.

And then I went back out into Siberia.

And then as the day progressed, all my muscles that got stretched started to hurt. But I was expecting this. So, I gritted my teeth, took some Advil and then tonight I enjoyed a nice, long, hot bath in the jacuzzi tub with soft music, a candle and a cat (perched on the edge of the tub the entire time.) Junior is absolutely fascinated by the tub, the water and especially the bubbles when the jets are on! He didn't seem to mind that his tail was getting wet as it swished back and forth in my water. I kinda minded but Junior didn't. I'm just glad he never jumped in with me.

It was especially odd to see myself in aerobic pants again. I haven't really worn them regularly for years. At least they still fit. That was encouraging.

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