Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Done! This was my last tree to tackle....that would be the 26th one I've decorated. Tim still has his tree and the aluminum tree to do upstairs and that will bring us up to 28. There are actually 31 total but three aren't trees that get decorated!

I put the lights on this tree Thursday afternoon and then ran into the annual tree light glitch. This time, quite a few strands wouldn't light up. I wiggled each light at my husband's suggestion and got all but two strands to work. Tim fiddled with them and couldn't find any reason for them not to come on. At this point I was trying not to get hysterical at the thought of taking the other zillion strands off and starting all over with new lights. Then Tim remembered that we might have extras in the attic. Sure enough there were but they were missing every other bulb from the year we had to add a blue cover to every fourth light (they only came with pink, yellow and green for some's always something with our lights!). So, I sat on the sofa and added color bulbs and then put them on the tree. So that was done. Part of Friday was then spent replacing burned out bulbs all over the tree which was a major undertaking! They were really hard to remove from their little sockets! Got that done in between dusting toys and shelves in the front parlor!

Today we finally got to put the ornaments on! Who knew this would ultimately become a three day job? Mom and I tackled it first thing this morning. She always unwraps the ornaments for me and I find them a spot on the tree.

The weather was so nice again today that Tim and I put net lights out on our bushes and he lit my candy canes and hauled the big tree for our pot out front up from the basement. Everything looked so pretty and festive tonight when mom and I came in from some shopping we treated ourselves to. A little jaunt over to Half Price Books, Borders, Michaels and our favorite thrift store!

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