Sunday, November 23, 2008

Junior Was Bad and Then He Was Cute

So, who do you think just happened to pull this ornament off the tree in our bedroom? I awoke to some serious zooming around the bed this morning as "somebody" played with his new found toy. Being that I had witnessed a certain cat named Junior trying to bat the very same one off before, I'm almost 100% positive he was the culprit this morning.

And then later he was tucked into his little nook behind the sofa pillows upstairs looking out the window. So, I took this opportunity to quickly decorate Junior with the hand me down Christmas hat and collar and snap his picture. He was, well, let's say, appalled. He honestly looked at me as if to say, "What have you just put on me and why have you done this to me?" He hardly moved. He just stayed perfectly still. So, I was able to grab several perfect shots of him in the morning sun.

We have aptly named this picture "Looking for Santa Claus". It's pretty darn good don't you think? What a ham.

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barbara said...

That's amazingly cute. (and patient)