Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please Don't Pull My House Down

So, yesterday I was sitting at my computer figuring out shipping costs to Spain and the UK for etsy sales when all of a sudden it felt like someone ran into our house with a large vehicle. I heard noise, I felt tugging and pulling and immediately looked out my window in time to see a large semi truck from Gotta Go Trucking taking down the phone lines running across the side street! Of course, at that point I wasn't sure what lines they were so I had to call Tim at work. I was pretty sure they weren't power lines as we still had power. We had phone too but Tim was pretty sure it was the phone. One was still attached and the other was snapped in two. Lines going across the street to our neighbor's house were snapped and hanging too far down in the middle of the street.

Tim suggested I call the police which I did. The policeman arrived promptly and had dispatch call AT&T and the Street Dept to put up some warning signs at each end of the street. He said he'd try to stay until they came with them so no other large trucks would try to come down the street.

Now, here's the kicker. We talked about all that, I went upstairs to finally take my shower and I hear a truck coming down the street so I peer out the scrapbook room window and sure enough, it has to attempt to turn around but it at least saw the wires because no sign had arrived yet although the Street Dept guys had come and surveyed the situation. Then not 5 minutes later I hear another truck. A Rumpke dump truck this time and it slams on its brakes in order to stop before hitting the wires, which it does tap with its front windshield.

Okay, this is my house they are still attached to you know? And do you know what the nice policeman is doing? Sipping his coffee and looking at his laptop. I never could figure out why he didn't block the street himself with his cruiser you know?

Then he had to leave and no one was out there except me in the window in a towel. But AT&T finally arrived about this time and they get busy fixing their wires. The Street Dept guys show back up with all their signs just after the nick of time and don't bother putting any out at this point.

And then everything was fine again.

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