Monday, November 17, 2008

How About Some Eye Candy, So To Speak

Yesterday mom and I went on a little buying, we didn't exactly expect to end up just an hour from Ft. Wayne but by the time we arrived at this guy's house that's where we were on the map! It was a little farther than I had expected. Fortunately, the weather held up, we just saw a few flurries at one point, and it was ultimately worth the time and effort! I scored a big box of great children's books for my etsy shop! All in all, about 160 books! I picked up a few games too and these two old ones to keep for my collections!

Today I happened upon two old opthamology textbooks from the 1930s and found some really super great color plates of eyeballs with diseases! Now, is that good stuff or what? Apparently in Etsyland it is! They weighed a TON, far heavier than our cat Garden Kitty I'm sure and she's a little over 10 lbs!

So, there ya have it. True eye candy.

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