Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wondered Why I Was MIA?

I was on a much anticipated mini vacation to Springfield, OH! Mom and I left Thursday and managed to hit one scrapbook store, a Dollar Tree and Cold Stone Creamery along the route! We arrived in Springfield a little earlier than expected so we were able to hit one antique mall! Found some great things there! Mom found lots of vintage hats and as she started pulling a few there was a brief desire on my part to grab up the ones closest to me for later dissection but I didn't! We had a yummy dinner at Red Lobster near our hotel and then crashed. Got up early Friday morning in order to hit the Springfield Antique Show at the fairgrounds. We paid the early bird admission, ouch!, and spent about 3 hours outside. The weather couldn't have been much better! A nice cool breeze in the morning, no humidity and it didn't get hot until about noon when we were heading inside to the two open buildings. Lots of neat things for eye candy and purchasing! I found quite a few goodies for my etsy shop and a few things for my personal collections and Christmas gifts for mom and Tim! We did a lot of walking! We had time to go to another one of the big antique malls before it closed but it was the most disappointing one of the three! I did find a vintage Mr. Potato Head friend in the original box, however!

We also had about an hour at the big Heart of Ohio antique mall so we went on over and started it! Then ate a quick dinner at Panera Bread and hit two Big Lots and a Goodwill! Found some good books at the Goodwill! And some great Basic Grey alpha stickers and a Blush matchbook album to make at Big Lots!

Saturday we checked out of the hotel after another good breakfast and headed back to Heart of Ohio where we spent 3 1/2 hours! On the way we stopped at a couple of yard sales and a major junk shop. However, I spent 1 1/2 hours digging through boxes on his second floor and found some great things for etsy! It was like being at an estate sale! Yummy lunch at Ramona's Cafe inside the mall and wonderful eye candy in every nook and cranny! Just so fun to see such wonderful treasures! We drooled and drooled over the wonderful storage cabinets thinking of how perfect they would be in a scrapbook room, sigh....We came away with some goodies from that mall and then headed on to Xenia, OH. NEVER go 30 minutes out of your way, sorta, to a dealer's booth in anticipation of the same goodness he had at the antique show! Poor mom, she was hoping for more beautiful vintage hats and instead was greeted with moth eaten millinery and torn veils! We made the best of the detour and hit another little antique mall, a used book store and a thrift store while there. I found the most wonderful treasure at the thrift store for $7, it wasn't even for sale until I begged and begged, and can't even share it with you as it will be put away for a Tim gift!

We arrived back home last night to a very happy kitty who slept on my pillow most of the night above my head. Uck. But I couldn't push her off, I'm such a softie!


New Alb Annie said...

Geez! You guys sure can cover a lot of territory! I wish my mom was still able to go out antiquing and junking with me like we used to.

I really like the Heart of Ohio Mall. It's not too far from Steve's family in Ohio. I find Ohio antiques are very affordable.

obsessed scrapbooker said...

Yeah, we are famous for needing a vacation when we get back from a vacation!